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Bauerfeind-Sports for your adventures

Bauerfeind-Sports Taviem piedzīvojumiem

On average, 1,300 steps are taken per kilometer during the hike, and this number only increases if you have to cross fallen trees, roots, or climb up and down. The right equipment plays a crucial role in protecting you from unwanted injuries and discomfort and allowing you to enjoy your adventures carefree!

Keep in mind that hiking socks can protect your feet from uncomfortable shoes, but ordinary socks can both lead to blisters and damage even the best and most expensive hiking shoes.

Outdoor Performance Compression Socks

Half-length compression socks for hiking

  • Maintains lower leg muscle tone for optimal performance for a longer period of time;
  • Targeted compression zones reduce muscle vibrations;
  • Thanks to the elevation comfort zone, the pressure caused by the shoe on the elevation area of ​​the foot is reduced;
  • Reduces the load caused by pressure on the feet;
  • Protects ankles and foot arches from overload;
  • Comfort ribbing effectively reduces Achilles tendon irritation over longer distances;

Outdoor Performance Mid Cut Socks

Mid-length compression socks for hiking

  • Stabilizes the middle part of the foot and the ankle joint, effectively protecting against excessive load;
  • Absorbs shock, reduces pressure on the foot during longer distances;
  • Comfort ribbing effectively reduces Achilles tendon irritation;

Sports Ankle Support

Sports ankle support

  • Reduces the risk of spraining or spraining the ankle;
  • Improves blood supply and metabolism, promotes a positive sensorimotor response;
  • Will not change position during the hike;
  • The pore support is designed so that you can tuck it into your hiking shoes.

Sports Knee Support

Sports support for the road

  • Enjoy the nature around you without feeling the change of the different covers;
  • Stimulates muscle regeneration;
  • Relieves the pressure caused by the muscles;
  • Protects the front part of the meniscus;
  • Prevents the risk of trauma.