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Be part of your favorite NBA team

Esi daļa no savas iemīļotākās NBA komandas

brand Bauerfeind Beloved in Latvia for more than 10 years, we know it with products created so that our everyday life, despite injuries and health problems, does not lose quality, the brand offers compression clothing, orthoses, supports and insoles.

Bauerfeind-Sports we got to know the line in 2015, when the brand paid a lot of attention to sports, the injuries caused by it, and mainly to help athletes improve their performance.

With the creation of Bauerfeind-Sports, the Bauerfeind brand started a new friendship with the NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki . Dirk is a global brand ambassador and a passionate fan of Bauerfeind products.

Subsequently, Bauerfeind started cooperation with NBA (National Basketball Association) and NBATA (National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association). As a result of these collaborations, Bauerfeind's technical and scientific team together with basketball coaches, physiotherapists and players have has created a product line that is chosen by elite athletes.

Now this collection is also available to you, so that you can gain the self-confidence of a professional basketball player! Your sports achievements at a whole new level!


Your sports achievements at a whole new level with the support of NBA Sports Compression Knee Joint. Elite athletes trust Bauerfeind product technology. Durable, breathable and washable sports compression for supporting and strengthening muscles, for your self-confidence on the field and in life!

01 Microfiber material for maximum comfort - thanks to the air-permeable and moisture-wicking material, the skin stays cool and dry. Durable, lightweight, comfortable, washable knit that provides maximum freedom of movement and does not cut into the skin thanks to reduced compression at the support ends.

02 Variable strength compression stimulates the muscles, thus providing a positive sensorimotor response. Faster muscle control is achieved, movements become safe and controlled.

03 Comfort zones: near the kneecap and in the sensitive area near the knee joint

04 Grip zones: the dotted silicone bands ensure a constant position of the support.

05 Durable and washable


NBA Officially Licensed Knee Support. Durable, breathable and washable sports compression for supporting and strengthening muscles during sports activities - more power, less vibration. The product is developed for the needs and requirements of professional athletes, - running, jumping, throwing the ball in the basket.

Seamless compression technology

Seamless compression specifically activates sensorimotor perception in the knee joint and reduces the risk of injury.

Perfect fixation technology

The support incorporates skin-friendly silicone adhesive zones at the ends of the support for its secure fixation and precise position in every movement.

Made in Germany

Premium class materials and the highest quality standards since 1929.

Be part of your favorite NBA team




Over the course of 21 seasons, the words "Dirk Nowitzki" and "Dallas Mavericks" became synonymous. He is now with Bauerfeind and shares his team story with us.


Many of the most famous basketball players in the league have played for this team, the team continues to produce stars who warm the hearts of fans with their achievements.


The team has represented New York for more than 70 years, its fans are known as one of the most popular in the entire NBA.


17 championships and participation in 56 playoff series have made the Boston Celtics one of the most supported teams.


Purple and gold aren't just known as royal colors, we know them as the colors that tell the story of a team that has won 16 NBA titles, 31 conference championships and represents 26 Hall of Famers.


Houston fans are known to have true elite sports dominance running through their veins.