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Compression socks - Your everyday life

Kompresijas zeķes – Tava ikdiena

Vein congestion and the prevention of venous diseases are relevant for all of us. Long-term work in a sitting or standing position, frequent flights, hiking, pregnancy, leg strain, as well as various harmful factors affecting health affect each of us.

Compression socks are intended for both prevention and complex treatment of leg vein diseases. Thanks to a certain compression pressure, during movements compression socks provide a micro-massage effect that successfully improves blood circulation in the leg veins (reflux).

Under the influence of gravity, blood collects in the lower legs and feet, causing a feeling of heaviness or swelling. To reduce these unpleasant sensations in the legs and prevent the risk of venous insufficiency, it is important to start wearing appropriate compression stockings or tights in time.

If there was once an opinion that compression stockings should be worn only in case of health problems, today it is clearly known that they can improve the quality of your daily life also preventively.

Compression socks and tights for every day!

Compression socks improves blood circulation, reduces muscle vibrations, increases potential muscle activity, promotes faster outflow of lactic acid. Prophylactically takes care of the health of the feet on a daily basis - both when sitting for a long time and when working standing up, it provides support to the veins, reduces pain and tiredness in the legs.

German brand Bauerfeind offer VenoTrain compression stockings and tights that meet medical requirements, compression clothing made of air-permeable material, treated with skin-softening natural substances.

Compression (translated from the Latin "squeezing") is a simple and very effective way to prevent and treat vein diseases prophylactically. Medical compression stockings create clearly defined pressure. This pressure is strongest at the ankles and becomes weaker upwards. Thus, the transportation of blood through the veins to the heart is ensured.

Compression stockings have a therapeutic effect. However, as everyday wear, these socks have other functions to perform. Pay attention that they not only fit perfectly and look good, but are also breathable and made of skin-friendly material.

Individual orders

On arrival in our stores , (Brīvības iela 180, Riga, 13.janvāra iela 3, Riga and Kr.Barona iela 115, Riga) You will have the opportunity to choose compression socks tailored especially for you. Consultants will take accurate measurements. You can buy compression socks in classic colors (beige, dark blue, black), but if you want, you can order socks individually in the most unusual colors, the brand offers several new color models every year that correspond to current fashion trends.

Compression stockings are an excellent aid for both complex treatment and prevention of leg veins. Compression stockings perform micromassage, which ensures blood circulation in the veins of the legs.

So that compression clothing becomes a part of your daily wardrobe and you enjoy its pleasant effect on your health and quality of life!