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The best knee support for basketball players

Labākais ceļa atbalsts basketbolistiem

Avoid injuries

When it comes to basketball, we clearly know that stress on the knees is inevitable. Jumping, absorbing the shock of landing, turning and braking hard are just some of the movements that can cause knee injuries. To avoid accidental injuries during the game, basketball players should consider using a quality knee brace/support in every practice and game.


Basketball requires a player to be able to move quickly, react and stop when necessary. Unfortunately, one wrong turn or awkward landing can lead to season-ending injuries in the first practice. That's why Bauerfeind has created sports support for the knee, which stabilizes the kneecap and balances the load on it with the help of anatomically correct padding to protect you from tendons and kneecap overload.
Air-permeable, breathable material created with AIRKNIT technology provides compression and positively stimulates the body's sensorimotor system, which improves blood circulation by reducing muscle vibrations.
This allows the player to be more confident in their movement, coordination and stability during and after the game.

Freedom of movement

The idea of ​​having to use a knee brace/support in every training session seems negative to the player at first. How will he move with a rigid object on his feet? By choosing Bauerfeind spore support for the road, these concerns are a thing of the past. AIRKNIT material allows support to hug the leg without taking away freedom of movement. Support will be like a player's second skin. Leather that will help you enjoy your movements 100%, creating an additional sense of security.

Sports support for the road

A support that covers the joint and is made of a highly elastic knit that precisely regulates the strength of compression -
  • activates the muscle,
  • Stabilizes and relieves the knee
  • The knee pad cushions and diverts pressure from the knee vertebra
  • Side fenders and pressure points provide road control
  • Anatomically designed with built-in grip zones that firmly fit the knee while allowing maximum freedom of movement
  • The light knit fabric ensures a very comfortable wear
  • Durable, easy-care material for daily use, washable
  • Locks in place during movement