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SPF protection on cloudy and rainy days

SPF aizsardzība mākoņainās un lietainās dienās

There is a widespread myth that SPF protection is only necessary during the summer period in strong sunlight. This is especially relevant in Northern Europe, where our summers are short and we want to enjoy the sunny weather as long as possible. But this is not true at all! You need to take care of protecting your skin even on cloudy and rainy days. Here are three reasons why!


On cloudy and rainy days, we will rarely get a tan, but this does not mean that such weather will block UV radiation. In fact, scientists emphasize that clouds can only block 10-20% of UV radiation. Consequently, all the remaining radiation reaches us. In addition, UV radiation has the property of reflecting off surfaces, meaning that it can reach our skin from surfaces such as water, sand, snow, etc., and it also passes through materials such as glass.


Pigmentation spots are now considered the third most popular skin problem. They arise from excessive melanin production in the body, while by producing melanin, the body shows that it is protecting itself against UV radiation. If the skin is not protected with products containing SPF, pigmentation may increase. This can especially be observed in more mature skin.


Everyone wants to maintain a youthful appearance, smooth and radiant skin. Allowing UV rays to act on the skin negatively affects collagen, which in turn accelerates the aging process. And effects are always harder to fight than causes. If the damage has already been done, there are products that not only contain SPF but also have anti-aging properties, such as mesoesthetic products.

How to choose the most suitable products? It should be remembered that it is better to use professional cosmetic products. They are both tested and contain higher quality substances. It is also important to remember that UV rays are divided into UVA and UVB rays - protection against both is necessary. A big bonus is the variety of products for different needs, such as moisturizing, nourishing, mattifying, etc. SPF protective cream.