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How to assess whether the shoes will be comfortable?

Berkeman apavi

What are comfort shoes?

Basically, they are the simplest orthopedic shoes, the production of which follows all the principles of foot biomechanics. Also, many sports and hiking shoes, mountaineering boots are modeled after them. So inside the shoes, there is already a small elevation, about 2-3 centimeters high, industrially incorporated in the heel part. To ensure a really pleasant feeling when wearing the shoes, they incorporate an orthopedic sole with longitudinal arch compensation - supinator. The shoes have a round toe so that there is room for the toes when walking or running. The observed principle is to leave a space in the shoes from the longest toe to the wall of the shoe or boot.

Such shoes are quite difficult to find in an ordinary store, because the design and offer of shoes there often depends on fashion trends. However, they are in specialized stores such as DYNASTY. People are usually afraid of the name - orthopedic... They imagine that the shoes will be something big, terrible, ugly that they cannot wear. Therefore, they are now given another name: comfort shoes. So shoes meant for comfort. Their task is to maintain the physiological position of the foot. And the manufacturers of these shoes follow fashion trends !

Therefore , comfort shoes are orthopedic shoes , the biomechanics principles of foot operation are observed during production .


A small, 2-3 cm high rise is built into the heel part of the shoes.


The shoes have an orthopedic sole with longitudinal arch compensation - supinator. In life, it looks like a dolphin-like growth in the middle of the shoe. When putting on such shoes , the feet feel pampered . Ideally, this supinator is made of hard material - your weight cannot compress it. Companies that only follow orthopedic principles, but do not produce orthopedically perfect shoes, make the supinator from a soft material that does not support the foot as well as it should.


There is always a half-round toe, which provides enough space for the toes and ensures that they are not squeezed. The space from the longest toe to the wall of the shoe or boot is also left.


Made of natural (leather, cork) or new synthetic materials (eg GoreTex) that allow the foot to breathe.


The so-called antishock system is incorporated in the heel part, which minimizes the impact not only on the heel, but also on the lumbar spine.



Many manufacturers of comfort shoes produce shoes that also have a half size - not only 37, 38, 39, but also 37.5, 38.5, etc. If your feet are different in size, choose a shoe that fits the larger foot.

Who is Berkemann?

  • A German company with a long tradition, which produces (handmade!) high-quality comfort shoes from natural materials, with a small heel and supinator . There are shoe models intended for washing , there are shoe models with removable and replaceable orthopedic insoles .
  • Berkemann shoes are orthopedic shoes (comfort shoes), which are produced according to the principles of biomechanics of foot activity.
  • There are no seams inside the shoes that could rub. This is very important for diabetic patients.
  • For people with deformity of the first toe - it is popularly called bunions - shoes made of special material are created, in the front part of the foot it is able to expand and take the shape corresponding to the wearer's foot , and also keeps it.
  • Berkemann comfort shoes also have a separate line of work shoes , intended for medical workers, kitchens, swimming pools, as well as workers in the commercial sphere and other professions.