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TOP 5 nail care products | Time to restore nail health

TOP 5 nagu kopšanas līdzekļi  | Laiks atjaunot nagu veselību

Now, when we have to take care of our nails ourselves, we appreciate the work of our master more and more. Few of us continue to pamper our nails with the beautiful hybrid nail polishes at home, we have regrown or removed the nail polish by ourselves and it is obvious that our nails need rehabilitation .

We recommend using this time to improve nail health, so here are TOP 5 nail care products that will not only make your nails look good even without nail polish, but will also improve nail health!

peclavus PODOmed Nagelrillenfüller

means for strengthening and smoothing nails

The product can be used as a nail polish, apply it on the nail (without nail polish).

The product improves the structure of the nails and prevents them from cracking. Smoothes nail grooves and uneven nail surface.

Nails regain flexibility and the ability to resist negative environmental influences.

peclavus PODOcare Nagel Pflegestift

pencil for restoring and strengthening nails

Supplies the nails and the nail bed with the necessary natural nutrients that promote and stimulate healthy nail growth.

Thanks to the patented construction system of the pencil, the nail-strengthening ingredients - proline (a natural amino acid) and vitamin biotin, which are necessary for the growth of a healthy nail, reach the nail plate and thus strengthen and nourish the nail from the very root of the nail. Regular use significantly accelerates the strengthening and regeneration of damaged, weakened nails.

peclavus PODOmed Nagelwicher Tincture

nail softening tincture

After removing hybrid nail polish, especially regrowth nails become hard, which can cause various problems - nail ingrowth, breakage, sensitive cuticle.

When using this remedy, the hard edges of the nail quickly become soft and the painful pressure disappears. Hard and thickened nails are prepared for treatment. The product is ideal for expressing
for the treatment of calluses and dry cuticles.

The product has an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and regenerating effect, it improves microcirculation in tissues and is especially suitable for the care of dry, sensitive skin.

peclavus PODOcare Nagel Pflegol

oil for nails and skin around nails

The oil gives nails a silky shine and promotes healthy nail growth. Moisturizing organic evening primrose oil and natural vitamin E provide intensive nail care.

The high-quality organic hemp oil together with the antifungal effect of bisabolol ensures long-term nail protection. An ideal care product for dry, fragile and cracked skin around the nails. Stabilizes the skin's natural protective function and moisture absorption. Protects nails and cuticles from drying out.

camillen 60 regenerating nail oil with keratin

Oil for the care of brittle, brittle nails. Contains plant and aquatic plant extracts, as well as provitamin B5 (panthenol) and bisabolol. The medicinal durum seed extract included in the composition heals the cuticle and cares for it.