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Discover how the circadian rhythm affects your skin

Atklājiet, kā diennakts ritms ietekmē jūsu ādu

Did you know that the skin is like a capricious woman that changes its behavior depending on the time of day? Most probably think that night and day creams are a marketing ploy to sell more. But it is not at all! Indeed, if you want to achieve effective, long-lasting and visible results, then the instructions on the package are essential.

Our body and all the cells that make it up are regulated by a biological clock , which naturally adjusts and activates based on external signals related to light and darkness. The biological clock forms a life cycle that controls the body daily to perform important functions such as regulating body temperature, balancing sugar and hormone levels, and controlling cell renewal.

During the day, the awakening of the skin is stimulated, increasing its self-defense potential and optimizing the biotransformation of vitamin D. Therefore, it is recommended to use products with antioxidant effects, as they will protect us from the aggression of external factors.

The rate of cell renewal increases at night , because the skin is not exposed to external aggressions. In addition, microcirculation is accelerated, resulting in greater detoxification and a greater supply of nutrients to our cells. Night products should contain active substances that stimulate the skin's regeneration mechanisms, thus helping to prevent damage caused during the day.

In addition, there are products based on chronobiology, which work based on the time they are applied to the skin. That is, the same product with the same active ingredients will have different properties depending on whether it is used during the day or at night. For example, the Collagen 360 ° Essence Antiaging serum stimulates the skin's awakening and self-defense during the day and increases its regeneration at night.

Examples from mesoestetic on how to properly balance skin care products for better results:

  • In the morning, apply Pollution Defense ampoules on clean, dry facial skin to protect the skin from oxidative stress, environmental pollution.
  • To reduce fat accumulation in problem areas of the body, apply Bodyshock Total Reducer in a circular massage.
  • Apply Melatonin ampoules at night, the natural regeneration abilities of the skin will be enhanced during the night.
  • Before going to bed, apply Bodyshock Night Reducer to areas where you want to combat localized fat deposits.

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