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Maternity Bra | Why is it necessary?

Grūtniecības krūšturis | Kādēļ nepieciešams?

Functional maternity bras

Modern and very comfortable bras for pregnancy.

The ANITA brand pays special attention to details, each product is manufactured in such a way that it is maximally comfortable and pleasant to the skin throughout pregnancy.

Seamless bra cups that grow with the breasts, wide and soft bra straps ensure maximum freedom of movement and comfort throughout pregnancy.

What is a maternity bra?

These bras are designed specifically for pregnancy, when the breasts are extremely sensitive. The bras are made of extremely soft and pleasant materials. The selected materials are flexible, the shape of the cup is designed so that the bra adapts as the breasts grow.

The bra edges and joints are wide and comfortable, so they provide the necessary support without creating stretch marks.

Do I need a maternity bra?

The answer to this question is individual. A pregnancy bra is necessary as soon as your everyday underwear starts to become uncomfortable, is too small, starts to press into the skin.

Why do I need a maternity bra?

During pregnancy, your body changes, especially your breasts and belly. You will notice changes at the very beginning of pregnancy. Breasts become bigger and firmer, they become more sensitive and you will feel the feeling of heaviness.

As soon as your bra starts to push, pull or leave dents, you should start wearing a maternity bra. Maternity bras relieve discomfort and support overworked connective tissue.

ANITA pregnancy bras are made of elastic, high-quality material that does not pressurize, adapts and creates a feeling of comfort. The support provided by ANITA pregnancy bras reduces the possibility and sometimes completely prevents the formation of stretch marks, the breasts keep their shape and do not sag.

What to consider when choosing a maternity bra?

During pregnancy, your breasts can increase up to one full size, so it is important to consider the following factors:

With or without wires?

Only one principle should be followed here: If the bra does not cut into the skin, does not rub or press - you can choose a pregnancy bra with underwire.

The bowl must "grow" with you

Soft and flexible material provides enough room for growth. Seamless cups fit comfortably on the skin without causing friction. For optimal and comfortable support, pay attention to how the edges of the bra are designed, in order to support the weight of the breast, wires are not necessarily needed, this effect is achieved with properly embroidered edges and connection points.

Adjustable straps

All maternity bras of the ANITA brand have adjustable straps, they are easy to adjust and the bra will fit until the last day of pregnancy.

Our recommendation:

Buy a pregnancy bra in a size that fits you in the smallest size, so that as your body grows, you can adjust it until the end of your pregnancy.

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