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hellmut-ruck orthopedic products

hellmut-ruck ortopēdiskie izstrādājumi

The products have been specially developed following Hellmut Ruck's foot care practice recommendations, which have been formed over several years, accumulating practical work experience. Only anti-allergic raw materials are used in production. The products undergo continuous quality control and are recognized as medical products according to the German Medical Products Act.


Patients with acute pain and complaints need immediate measures that reduce unpleasant symptoms.
Quick prevention of pain and relief of pressure points contributes to the attraction of customers and patients, as well as the readiness to perform more time-consuming and complex corrective measures.
Patients will be very satisfied if they can continue to wear their favorite shoes with the right orthotics.


changes in the forefoot, midfoot and heel, namely:

  • hammer toes
  • hallux frigidus, hallux valgus, hallux varus
  • nails, ulcers (ulcers), blisters, heel spurs (bone growth),
  • growth of the heel bone with painful swelling of the Achilles tendon,
  • hyperkeratoses, fissures, granulomas, warts,
  • joint inflammations, ingrown nails, hardening of the nail plate,
  • ingrown nails, skin fistulas.


  • stiff (up to immobility) joints
  • prone to skin allergies, which can be caused
  • orthopedic product material or adhesive.

RUCK silc products

The silicone material is resistant to most chemicals and therefore resistant to disinfectants. Silicone is more gas permeable than other synthetic substances and it almost does not absorb moisture. Peclavus silc products comply
the highest requirements regarding the presence of harmful substances in the material and are absolutely skin-friendly products.


  • long service life
  • excellent shock absorbing effect
  • does not cause allergies
  • washable

RUCK smartgel products

RUCK SmartGel products are very soft, with excellent cushioning properties. They consist of a special thermoplastic elastomer gel, withstand temperatures up to 70 °C and have a very high moisture absorption capacity.
Polymer gel is an elastomer with certain properties and a long service life. The material is transparent, odorless, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, easy to wash. It softens hard skin areas and reduces the formation of calluses.
Polymer gel products contain a small amount of paraffin oil, which is released during use of the product. Polymer gel products are skin-friendly and very flexible. They relieve pressure points in three dimensions, they can be used
wet or dry.

RUCK SmartGel products are especially suitable for very dry and chapped skin.


Silicone or polymer gel products?

SILICONE PRODUCTS last a very long time, are stronger and resistant to most chemicals. They withstand boiling water and steam temperatures up to 120 °C. To avoid the risk of allergies, you should pay attention to the origin of the silicone (medical grade silicone).

POLYMÉR ZE LEJS PRODUCTS, on the other hand, absorb shock exceptionally well, thanks to vertical and horizontal flexibility, perfectly distribute the pressure on the foot. They have skin care properties.
The client's subjective feeling is also an important criterion for material selection.

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