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Ingrown nail | Consulted by Dr. assistant professor, podiatrist M.Saulīte

Ieaudzis nags | Konsultē Dr. paed., podoloģe M.Saulīte

During the winter period, when the feet are wrapped in shoes and socks, people often do not notice and notice several typical toenail and foot skin problems, one of them being an ingrown toenail.

Penetration of the side of the nail plate under the nail plate or in the nail plate, resulting in pain, swelling and inflammation if left unattended for a long time.

The problem is most often caused by overhorns in the lateral valance and lateral groove, which arise from:

  • deep corner cuts,
  • increased pressure and deformations of the front part of the foot (including the toes).

It is a misconception that the nail is inflamed, because the side wall is classically inflamed and painful.

Care of the side rollers is necessary.

dr. add., podiatrist M.Saulīte recommends using peclavus PODOmed nail softening tincture.

It helps in cases where a quick solution to the problem is needed, in cases of ingrown nails, severe hardening of the sidewalls and sensitive ingrown toenails.

Under the influence of active substances such as bisabolol and glycerin, the hard lateral wall quickly becomes soft, the pressure on the side of the nail plate decreases, and as a result, the pain decreases.

On the other hand, in the case of hard and thickened nails, using the PodoMed nail tincture, the nails are prepared for further treatment.

Also in the post-treatment period, this product is suitable for the treatment of severe hardening and dry ingrown hairs. Glycerin and bisabolol moisturize, care and soothe the skin around the nails.

In addition, bisabolol in the Ruck laboratory is obtained from organically grown chamomiles, without the use of pesticides and herbicides in its cultivation.

Bisabolol has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and regenerating effects, it improves microcirculation in tissues and is especially suitable for the care of dry, sensitive skin.

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Dr. paed ., podiatrist
LU P. Stradins Medical College


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