Hair doctor or trichologist Inga Zemīte gives the answer to the woman:

"During pregnancy, hormones in a woman's body change - progesterone increases relatively, which protects pregnancy. It is a female hormone, and female hormones are known to have a beneficial effect on hair. Therefore, during pregnancy , those women whose hair is innately more sensitive to the effects of hormones, they usually However, when the baby is born, progesterone levels return to normal, and those hairs that did not fall out during pregnancy due to the protection of progesterone, and those that need to change physiologically, begin to change more in about three months after giving birth .

Factors such as reduced iron levels during pregnancy, stress and strain related to pregnancy and life as it is often also play a role, and now, in the spring, there is a slight increase in hair loss due to the season. All these factors in general also determine that the hair can fall out quite strongly. The good news is that they usually grow back after all these effects have passed. The bad news - often, if the hair is more sensitive to the effects of hormones, it does not grow back as well.