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Iveta Lāce, director of the Spice shopping center, recommends mesoestetic

Tirdzniecības centra Spice direktore Iveta Lāce iesaka mesoestetic

Iveta Lāce, the director of the charming shopping center Spice, tells about the best beauty products - favorites in the cosmetics assortment, which have never disappointed.

Read about the mesoesthetic stem cell product line and the mesoesthetic bodyshock total reducer in the October 24 "Ieva" magazine! Thank you Iveta for the nice experience story, we are really happy that you choose mesoestetic cosmetics!


" mesoestetic Stem Cell nano filler lip contour cream.

I really like the whole line of this brand with hyaluronic acid, including face creams - it is rejuvenating and quite effective care cosmetics. Lip creams usually create a cosmetic effect, but this product really restores the structure of the skin of the lips. I have quite dry, chapped lips, but since I use a small drop on my lips in the morning and at night, I feel a distinct effect. The cosmetics line is also my second favorite - capsules for facial skin, which are also very stylish.


mesoestetic BodyShock Total reducer volume reducing agent for the body.

I'm not a big fan of body creams, but this body care product by mesoestetic BodyShock is worth mentioning. I like to use it best after sports or massages.

The cream has a slightly warming, skin-smoothing effect that works really well on problem areas like legs and stomach. "

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