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Well-being throughout pregnancy

Labsajūta visu grūtniecības laiku
Pregnancy is the beginning of many changes in a woman's body. The penis is growing, hormones are doing their job, every day brings new, never-before-seen sensations.

The body is changing and now it has to do more to provide the baby with what it needs. The volume of circulating blood increases - on average by 40-50% above the level that was before pregnancy. The action of hormones loosens the connective tissue and prepares the body's muscles for childbirth. The composition of your blood also changes, allowing fluid to enter the tissues more easily.

These new conditions are a special challenge for your legs, now blood clots in them more easily. It increases the risk of couperosis, varicose veins and thrombosis.

Did you know that..

compression tights in early pregnancy reduce symptoms of nausea and vomiting? Similar to drugs intended for this purpose.

During the last weeks of pregnancy, the baby's weight also puts additional pressure on the abdominal and pelvic veins. Therefore, edema and varicose veins occur temporarily in 28% of pregnant women. Ignoring the temporary problem runs the risk of causing permanent varicose veins and even chronic venous insufficiency. Therefore, to have a positive effect on an even pregnancy, the veins must be supported.

Get a vein health check

Do your legs feel heavy, swollen and tired in the evening or after standing for a long time?

Have your parents or other relatives experienced couperosis or varicose veins?

Have you already been diagnosed with vein disease?

Does your job require you to sit or stand for a long time?

If you have answered "Yes" to at least two questions, then it is recommended that you also wear preventive compression stockings for the sake of vein health.

Feel and look good

Especially for the needs of pregnant women, the BAUERFEIND brand offers tights with an elastic area for the stomach. The expansion zone will optimally adapt to your body every month. The tights are made of 50% microfiber material, so they are soft and flexible, pleasant to the skin and breathable.

VenoTrain micro provides optimal blood supply to the veins and they look good. We offer a wide selection of colors, more than 8 shades, which will allow you to adapt the compression socks to your everyday clothes every day.

Relief during pregnancy

During pregnancy and the first six to twelve weeks after the birth of the child, we recommend that you provide active leg support. Regular movements and medical compression stockings will keep your veins in excellent shape, improve blood flow from your legs, without affecting hormone levels or the child's body.

In this way, fluid accumulation in the connective tissue can be avoided, swelling can be reduced and relief provided during pregnancy.


Orthopedic insoles, such as the ErgoPad Weightlex 2 , help balance the load on the feet, knees, lower back and back. In this way, the arch of the foot is supported by targeted pain relief.

Wearing recommendation: from the 16th week of pregnancy at the latest


ANITA maternity and postpartum belts are made of skin-friendly, air-permeable material, they are easy to adjust, quick and easy to put on and take off, can be worn over clothes.


The ANITA brand offers a wide range of prenatal and postpartum underwear, paying special attention to details, each product is manufactured in such a way that it is maximally comfortable and pleasant to the skin throughout pregnancy.

Seamless bra cups that grow with the breasts, wide and soft bra straps ensure maximum freedom of movement and comfort throughout pregnancy.

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