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Manuthera 242 - for high value work

Manuthera 242 - augstvērtīgam darbam

Manuthera 242 is a multifunctional table for mobilizing procedures, manipulations and deep tissue massage with a unique patented technology that supports the therapist's work, allowing to accurately determine a possible diagnosis, to carry out appropriate treatment of the patient and to monitor the state of health.

The table is suitable for use by manual therapists of various profiles, such as sports massage therapists, naprapaths, osteopaths, OMT physiotherapists, physiotherapists and chiropractors.

Manuthera 242 takes the therapist's work to a new level and supports countless versatile treatment and diagnostic methods thanks to a patented operating system based on two synchronized motors, unique multi-motion-directional stretching properties and various other system functions and structure.

The patient can be easily and freely moved to therapeutic and relevant anatomical positions. Mobility procedures can be performed three-dimensionally using the table's stretching, bending, lateral bending and rotation properties, as well as using gravity. The design of the table, the two-motor system and the frame with bearings in all moving parts improve the ergonomics of the therapist's work and reduce the effort, thus ensuring even better treatment results.


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"We work with 10 - 20 patients a day, without fatigue"

"Manuthera 242 - for higher precision"

"We are a chiropractic team and we each use different methods. Our team includes an osteopath, a chiropractor and myself, a chiropractor, and we all love Manuthera!

"The Manuthera 242 is perfect for assessing, examining and treating patients. Due to its multiple capabilities that follow the natural movement of the human body, the therapist is able to assess the patient very gently and precisely."

"Manuthera has opened up new possibilities and directions for me. It makes my work even more efficient and it is much easier for me to work because I no longer need to use so much physical strength."

"Manuthera 242 has changed a lot in my practice, which means less effort, more patient comfort, and some manipulations that I had neglected are now much easier to perform and therefore are used again and again."

"The opportunity will work in three dimensions, facilitates our work and allows us to achieve high results"

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