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Pamper your feet after a long day

Palutini savas pēdas pēc garās dienas

It seems that we all know the feeling when, when we come home in the evening, our feet are hot and tired, smart devices tell us that we have walked another ten kilometers! To call the day a success, all you have to do is pamper your tired feet and enjoy the memories of the past day.

It's no secret that DYNASTY stores offer a wide range of care cosmetics for feet. One of our summer TOP foot care segments are balms and gels that pleasantly cool and pamper tired and overheated feet.

Take a look at our offer and enjoy the summer to the fullest!

Peclavus PODO care cooling gel for feet

This gel contains witch hazel extract and menthol to refresh heated and tired feet. The gel is quickly absorbed into the skin and provides a long-lasting feeling of freshness , tones and deodorizes.

This gel is an excellent companion for sports and hiking!

Camillen 60 cooling balm with lime and argan oil

The caring ingredients of this balm regulate the level of moisture in the skin and prevent increased hardening . After a long day, the balm will refresh and cool tired and heated feet. The balm is quickly absorbed into the skin and keeps the feet fresh and soft for a long time.

Camillen 60 balm for tired feet with horse chestnut extract

This balm is ideal for reducing fatigue after a long day or long walks. By gently massaging the balm into the skin of the feet, you will pleasantly relax the leg muscles and strengthen the connective tissues . The horse chestnut extract in the composition will strengthen blood vessels and improve blood circulation .

We recommend using this balm also at the end of the pedicure procedure.

Camillen 60 refreshing ice gel with menthol

The witch hazel extract in the gel will improve the condition of the skin and relieve itching. Menthol and Japanese peppermint oil will give a tonic effect . The gel quickly absorbs into the skin and disinfects it. The glycerin included in the composition ensures that the skin of the feet is soft for a long time .

Soft and fresh foot skin every day!

You can find all these products in DYNASTY stores - Brīvības iela 180, Riga, Kr.Barona iela 115, Riga, 13.janvāra iela 3, Riga, Aizputes iela 22, Kuldīga or buy them in our online store (Click on each of the product name, the product you selected will open in a new window).

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