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peclavus PODOmed - the choice of professionals

peclavus PODOmed - profesionāļu izvēle

Peclavus brand is chosen by podiatrists all over the world.

peclavus is one of the brands represented by the German brand Hellmut-Ruck, which offers professional foot care products, apparatus pedicure, therapeutic and classic pedicure.

The brand prided itself on a gentle production process, natural and organic raw materials are used, they do not contain synthetic fragrances and dyes, petroleum products, silicone oils and genetically modified raw materials. The plant raw materials or final products are not irradiated, nor are the products tested on animals.

peclavus PODOmed product line for effective help in various skin and nail problems.

skin softener

PODOmed Hornhauterweicher Gel

A quick-acting agent for softening skin calluses, corns and blisters. Contains a high concentration of urea.

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softener of skin calluses with disinfecting effect

PODOmed Hornhauterweicher Spray

A fast-acting agent for softening skin calluses, corns and blisters with a disinfecting effect.

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antibacterial antiBAC tincture with silver

PODOMed AntiBAC Tincture Silber

Means for local use on problem areas of the skin with signs of inflammation and disturbed natural protective barrier.

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antimyx protective pencil for nails - with antifungal effect

PODOMed AntiMYX Protectorstift

Dry, thickened and brittle nails are a common cosmetic problem. The reason may be insufficient or excessive care, as well as the presence of various microorganisms (fungal diseases, bacteria). The protective pencil supplies the nails with high-quality vegetable oils, which have a positive effect on the nail and activate the natural process of nail growth. It contains a clear solution with high quality natural essential oils (Australian Blue Cypress Oil).

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antimyx cream with antifungal effect

PODOMed AntiMYX Fußcreme

The cream contains the highly effective enzyme papain, which has wonderful exfoliating properties - it removes dead skin, especially damaged skin. Prevents fungal diseases
spread. The cream soothes irritated skin and cools it.

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antiMYX spray with antifungal effect

PODOMed AntiMYX Spray

Due to its special consistency, the ointment is ideal as a base for tamponades after treating the nail plate. It is easy to apply, under the influence of body heat it becomes liquid and thus quickly and easily reaches the deeper layers of the skin. Bisabolol, pyroctin olamine and high-quality tea tree oil prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Clove oil soothes irritated skin and improves the skin's natural defenses.

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antimyx tincture with antifungal effect

PODOMed AntiMYX Tincture

Care product for the prevention of skin and nail fungal diseases. Soothes irritated skin, activates the skin's natural defenses. Prevents inflammation and fungal diseases.

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antiverux lotion for treating warts


Lotion with a special complex of active substances restores and protects skin affected by warts. Contains spirulina (green algae).

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balm for foot skin hardening

PODOMed Anti-Hornhaut Balsam

Herbal ingredients normalize the formation of excessive calluses and soften hard, rough skin. Very well suited for the treatment of cracks, blisters and abrasions. Contains jojoba, coconut, and wheat germ oils, as well as extracts of goatberry and white willow.

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healing ozone cream

PODOmed Ozoncreme

Cream with 100% ozonated olive oil promotes rapid healing of wounds without leaving scars. Due to the heat of the skin, the cream quickly and easily reaches the deeper layers of the skin. It improves skin metabolism and at the same time acts as a powerful antibacterial agent. Can also be used to moisten tamponade.

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