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"Mothers' Club" about and around compression stockings

"Māmiņu Klubs" par un ap kompresijas zeķēm

It seems that the moment has come when we wait more than anything for spring and the arrival of warm weather - then we can enjoy not only the time of planning the baby, but also his expectations, getting to know each other and going for walks with other expectant mothers. It is also important to prepare for the birth of the baby - both physically and emotionally. But when the baby is here, you must remember to take care not only of him, but also of your health.

Leg vein health

The waiting period is often the time when we only learn about the possibilities for the health problems of the leg veins, and sometimes it happens that after giving birth you have to go to a phlebologist for a consultation. At such times, it seems - there are more questions than answers. But it is not worth worrying ahead of time, because this time the representatives of Health Center 4 will answer all questions related to the health of leg veins!

Be beautiful, take care of yourself - with beautiful compression socks!

This will be an opportunity not only to learn more specifically about compression stockings, but also an opportunity to understand in which cases they are needed at all. You will also understand how and where to choose compression socks, and what to consider when looking for them. Edīte Skrebele, head of the Bauerfeind brand in Latvia, will tell you more about everything.

Thinking about the future - stem cell bank

Stem cells are a topic that has been talked about before, and yet many parents-to-be are still not quite sure that they are cord stem cells. You will also learn how they are collected and where they are stored. You will also get acquainted with the wide possibilities of their use and information about the LYL BioBank laboratory in England.

How to take care of your baby and your beauty with breastfeeding

Let's meet with Sandra Lasi, a breastfeeding specialist, a lecturer at the Mothers' Club Parenting School, Sandra Lasi, to learn about possible problems that can affect every new mother when starting breastfeeding. You will understand what a milk crisis is, how it manifests itself, what to do if one is already present. You will also learn everything about properly putting the baby to the breast, and also about breast care during breastfeeding.

Breast feeding consultations at your home

We seem to know so much, but in everyday life, the abundance of information is so depressing and causes ignorance, when faced with a real problem, we are no longer able to think rationally and make a decision, which is important not only for us, but also for the baby. But before you give up and give up in front of difficulties, you should try another option. In other words, if you are faced with breastfeeding problems, maybe everything is not as crazy as it initially seems - you just need someone to calm you down and tell you - mommy, be calm - You can do everything!

Zinc-containing cream for the baby's bottom

One of the most popular skin care products in the diaper area in every mom's medicine cabinet is definitely one that contains zinc. Why is it? You will learn more about it on ONLINE TV, where a mother will also share her experience! You will also understand how important the baby's air baths are and why they are needed at all.

Take care not only of your body, but also of positive emotions

Postpartum depression. How it arises, how it manifests itself, and what it means not only to the mother, but also to her family. Is it possible to deal with postpartum depression? You will find out when you meet the representative of MansMazais magazine, as well as psychologist Kristini Balodi.

Vitamins for baby's health

Spring is fast approaching, but children's illness still persists. How to continue strengthening the immunity of infants and older children? How to find the most suitable vitamins for a child? Find out by asking questions to Vitabiotics product specialist Ineta Ceple.

For big and small - healthy noses!

The health of small and large noses, how to always keep them in shape? It seems that there is no one who has not yet encountered a runny nose, but what to do when it is already here, and is it possible to somehow improve the child's well-being if his nose is blocked? Labored breathing is not pleasant. But - it is not always the case that runny noses go away by themselves, sometimes you may have to face the complications they cause. The doctor - ENT will tell you more about them, and also about the treatment of runny nose, as well as various solutions in case of complications.

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