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Nutritional supplements - choose wisely

Uztura bagātinātāji – izvēlies gudri

Each of us wants to be healthy, beautiful and strong. It is desirable that this happens quickly and with minimal effort. Often, but mistakenly, we see such a solution in nutritional supplements, hoping that the valuable substances found in them will help immediately.

Nutritional supplements are a great scientific achievement, especially if it is not always possible to absorb the required amount of nutrients from food in the daily rush. However, this solution will give results only after individually evaluating each person - his complaints, goals and opportunities. In addition, general health prevention should not be forgotten. Ansis Zauers, a nutritionist at the "Anti-Aging Institute" preventive medicine clinic at the "Veselības centrs 4", has a master of health sciences in nutrition.

Each have their own!

Nutritional supplements should not be chosen arbitrarily or by listening to influencers who will recommend the latest fashion product that they do not fully understand, or fitness trainers whose level of knowledge is often insufficient for reasonable nutritional recommendations. Pharmacists in pharmacies can also recommend not the most suitable but the most popular product for you. It is safest to consult a nutritionist or dietitian about nutritional supplements. These medical specialists work individually with the client - take an anamnesis, find out the person's goals, analyze the daily rhythm, menu and lifestyle, order detailed tests and analyses. Only by evaluating these individual factors, it is possible to recommend a preparation of nutrients and biologically active substances studied in evidence-based medicine - a dietary supplement, as well as to adjust its dosage, duration of use, combination and regimen in a personalized way. Full cooperation with a multidisciplinary team of specialists in a reliable clinic is recommended to achieve an optimal result. In this way, it is possible to achieve not only short-term aesthetic goals, but also to improve the body's metabolism in the long-term, learn to live healthy and, therefore, beautifully.

Vitamins, minerals and other elements for a healthy everyday life:

Remember, a nutritional supplement will never replace a complete diet! Only a specialist can determine the most suitable additional elements for you.

  • Fatigue reduction – vitamin D, magnesium, Omega-3 in the form of a course.
  • To restore the ability to concentrate – vitamin D, magnesium, prebiotics (soluble fibers), Omega-3, vitamin C together with bioflavonoids.
  • To reduce insomnia - L-tryptophan, hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), pebiotics, probiotics (the microbiome affects sleep), if necessary - melatonin in the form of a course to adjust the internal rhythm.
  • Women's health - Omega-3, magnesium, vitamin D, carotenoids, vitex root, cucumber mint, , vitamin C together with bioflavonoids.
  • For men's health - complete proteins, magnesium, vitamin D, D-aspartic acid (promotes testosterone production).
  • Hair/nail health – collagen peptides, vitamin D, B vitamins, vitamin E, carotenoids, antioxidants, vitamin C with bioflavonoids, zinc, iron, complete protein.
  • To preserve the youth of the skin - take in full-fledged antioxidants both from the diet and by promoting their internal synthesis. Fat-soluble vitamins (K, E, D, A), Omega-3, prebiotics, probiotics, coenzyme Q10.
  • For athletes - whey proteins, creatine, L-arganine, vitamin D, magnesium.
  • Vegan, vegetarian diet - B group vitamins, iron.
  • For those with a sweet tooth, consult a nutritionist to find out which nutrient deficiencies are causing your sweet tooth.

Only from a trusted seller

Considering the ever-expanding possibility to buy nutritional supplements in countless online stores and through social networks, the nutritionist calls on buyers to be critical. Avoid miracle cures that aggressively promise quick results such as slimming in 10 days, "marathons" and "challenges" that center around replacing your traditional diet with a specific brand of nutritional supplement. Such activities can have lasting health consequences and contribute to eating disorders! It is possible to check whether the advertised product is really a registered dietary supplement in the "Food Veterinary Service" register:

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Consulted by Ansis Zauers, nutritionist of the preventive medicine clinic "Anti-Aging Institute", Master of Health Sciences in Nutrition.

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