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Nutritional supplements for beauty

Uztura bagātinātāji skaistumam

The range of various nutritional supplements that promise to slow down aging and improve the condition of skin and hair has grown significantly in recent years. To some extent, this can be explained by our desire to look younger, as well as excessive busyness - people simply do not have enough time for a full-fledged diet. We explain how meaningful it is to use such preparations, how to choose them and whether you can believe in the promised effect, advised by a dermatologist, preventive medicine specialist of the "Dermatology Clinic" and "Anti-Aging Institute" branches of "Veselības centrs 4" dr. Jana Janovska

Assess the need

From time to time I get questions about the choice of nutritional supplements that are so popular at the moment, and at such moments I tend to ask - why do you need it? Beautiful pictures on Instagram, a recommendation from friends, a promising advertisement are the most common reasons why we decide to buy one of these miracle drugs.

I myself also regularly perform analyzes and see how the body is lacking in specific periods. If, for example, I cannot compensate for the lack of iron with diet, then the doctor prescribes a specific preparation, which I use as a course. After that, I repeat the analysis to see if the product has given a result.

Collagen preparations - do they fulfill what they promise?

At the moment, the most popular trend in the beauty industry is collagen supplements. As you know, collagen is a protein that is responsible for firm skin and not only that - it holds together the connective tissues of our body and is found in practically all body structures. The structure of collagen is formed by a complex of amino acids, and when several collagen molecules join together, fibers are formed, which provide the skin with its framework support.

How to choose the right one

Therefore, the body's needs and purpose of use must be evaluated first, which will be determined by a specialist. When we have come to the point of purchasing a preparation, we must look at who produces it - whether the product of this company is based on scientific research and certified. The concentration of the active substances used in the preparation is important, as well as the sources of origin, but it is difficult to find out.

Another factor discussed by experts is the absorption of the specific preparation. Speaking of hydrolyzed collagen, Leitis emphasizes that there are few scientific studies on the effectiveness of these products, moreover, they are related to specific manufacturers, but one thing is clear - the more finely divided the substances are, the better they are absorbed. Jana Janovska adds that the scientific basis is still lacking and the industry is looking forward to a serious independent study.

It should be noted that the absorption process is of great importance for the health of the small intestine, stomach and pancreas. Also regarding, for example, vitamin D, situations are often observed when it works excellently for one person, but does not give the desired result for another - this too may not be the fault of the product, but of the intestinal microflora. Therefore, it is worthwhile to conduct analyzes after using a particular preparation and replace it with another - if the next one does not help either, it is recommended to pay attention to the health of the digestive organs.

Therefore, the use of nutritional supplements is supported if it is well thought out, controlled and has the desired effect. However, experts agree that you should first adjust your lifestyle and then resort to supplements, instead of hoping that these preparations will become a panacea that will solve all problems. The way we look and feel will be primarily influenced by a balanced diet, movement, stress control and sleep.

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