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Hallux Valgus | Thumb bone deformity

Hallux Valgus | Īkšķa kaula deformācija

In this series, we talked with traumatologist, orthopedist Dr. Juri Yukoni about the popular problem among women - hallux valgus, deformation of the thumb bone. dr. Yukonis tells you when to go and when not to go to the doctor with this problem, how the surgery is done, if it is necessary and that we can also solve Hallux Valgus ourselves, using the widely available range of supinators, spacers, orthoses and insoles.

Take a look at, where we have prepared a specially selected range of different products intended for the correction of the deformity of the big toe: orthopedic insoles, which Dr. Yukonis mentions in cases where we want to continue practicing such sports as running, walking on long hikes, walking sticks, various supinators, spacers and orthoses for correction of deformity of the thumb bone.

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