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UREA | dry skin care

UREA | sausas ādas kopšana

Urea is a natural component of human skin that provides skin hydration and forms the natural skin moisture factor. Urea is used in cosmetics for especially dry skin with thickenings, peeling, because it improves skin elasticity in creams and milks, softens skin thickenings and helps to maintain normal skin moisture level. Urea additive in cosmetics reduces skin keratinization (increased formation of skin horn cells that creates dry, itchy, cracked areas on the skin - this is especially characteristic in cases of dermatitis, eczema), improves the elasticity of the skin horn layer and attracts moisture.

Podiatrist M.Saulīte talks about peclavus PODOdiabetic moisturizing cream with 10% UREA, why and in which situations to choose this cream, listen to the 10th episode of this Foot Health season.

This cream contains not only urea, but also valuable oil and algae extracts, which prevent moisture loss, avocado oil, which improves the skin's protective function, and sea buckthorn fruit pulp oil, which perfectly stimulates lipid metabolism.


Moisturizing foot cream with urea 10% | PODOdiabetic Fußcreme Urea