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  • baktērijas un iekaisums

    bacteria and inflammation

    Recommended products: antiBAC antibacterial tincture with silver // PODOMed AntiBAC Tinktur Silber

  • kārpas


    Recommended products: antiVERUX lotion for treating warts // PODOMed AntiVERUX Creme

  • trausli, lūstoši nagi

    brittle, brittle nails

    Recommended products: pencil for restoring and strengthening nails // PODOcare Nagel Pflegestift oil for nails and the skin around the nails // PODOcare Nagel Pflegeöl

  • nagu sēnīte

    nail fungus

    Recommended products: antiMYX spray with antifungal effect 50ml // PODOmed AntiMYX Spray antimyx protective pencil for nails - with antifungal effect // PODOmed AntiMYX Protectorstift lotion for damaged nails with...