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LOJER Mat Bobat table 3300B

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LOJER Bobath has a very strong construction and is specially made so that the patient and the doctor can be on it at the same time during the treatment. It is available in three different sizes and in three different configurations – single surface, double surface with adjustable headrest and double surface collapsible. The table has an electromechanically adjustable height and wheels with a locking function. It is well unpadded with plastic covering on the sides for added safety.

Standard equipment:

  • Length 200cm
  • Height adjustment 40 - 88cm
  • Head part adjustment up to 75 degrees
  • Maximum lifting capacity 250kg

Available colors:

















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100 years of experience in the production of medical furniture

Lojer Group is known as Scandinavia's largest manufacturer of medical furniture and one of the leading employers in this sector in Finland. With 100 years of experience, our company is proud of its privately owned status and long tradition in the production of medical furniture.

Who is Lojer Group and what is its role in medical furniture manufacturing?

Lojer Group is a leading manufacturer of medical furniture in Scandinavia and one of the main employers in this sector in Finland. With more than 100 years of experience, the company is known for its quality and innovative technologies, offering a wide range of products that include hospital beds, operating table equipment and other medical furniture solutions.

What should I do to buy Lojer products or find out their prices?

To purchase Lojer products and find out their prices, you need to fill out the inquiry form on our website or contact our customer service team. We will provide detailed information about the products, their specifications and prices, and help you choose the most suitable solution for your needs.

What are the peculiarities of Lojer Group production and how does it affect product quality?

The production of Lojer Group products uses high-quality local raw materials and the latest technologies, such as computer-controlled laser cutting, robotic welding and automatic painting. These production methods ensure high product quality and longevity, and allow the company to be the only fully in-house manufacturer of hospital equipment in Finland.

What innovations has Lojer Group introduced in its products?

Lojer Group is known for its innovative approach to medical furniture manufacturing, introducing new technological solutions such as operating room integration and AV systems, as well as modern medical lights and operating tables. The company is also constantly working on developing new products and improving existing products to ensure efficiency, safety and convenience for both medical staff and patients.

Innovative products

Lojer Group stands out for its top-quality products, which are entirely made in Finland. The steel parts of our production are made from local raw materials. We are proud to be the only hospital equipment manufacturer in Finland that uses our own foundry and the latest technology - computer-controlled laser cutting, machining, robotic welding and automatic painting.


LOJER Mat Bobat table 3300B

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