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Breasts are for everyone and everywhere. Breasts are on television, in commercials, in movies, and in magazines. We love to look at them, we love to stand out with them! Breasts are fascinating to the public, but their health is still a taboo!

We, in cooperation with the Rozá vicliena charity fund, want to change that!

DYNASTY and BAUERFEIND support the #PUPKULTŪRA movement started by the Pink Train Charity Foundation. The name and the movement itself is based on the idea that breast care should become a popular part of our lifestyle and culture.

During the campaign, we invite everyone to check their breasts, as well as to donate and support women affected by breast cancer, giving them the opportunity to visit a psychologist or psychotherapist and take classes with a physiotherapist.

how can you support #pupkultur?

  • Taking care of your breasts: (
  • By transferring the selected amount to the fund account number: (
  • When purchasing the products you see in this section:

1 EUR is donated from every BAUERFEIND SPORTS product sold

5 EUR is donated from every PUPKULTÚRAS vs BAUERFEIND sports shirt sold

0.50 EUR is donated from each PUPKULTÚRAS delicious pineapple protein bar sold

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