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An innovation in hip osteoarthritis therapy

Inovācija gūžas locītavas osteoartrīta terapijā

Osteoarthritis or osteoarthrosis is becoming an increasingly common diagnosis, in medical articles we increasingly see headlines such as "Osteoarthritis cannot be cured" , "Osteoarthritis is a huge challenge for the health sector" , "Diagnosis of hip and knee osteoarthritis exceeds 300 million worldwide" .

Osteoarthritis is known to have no single specific cause, but several factors are known to predispose a person to osteoarthritis. in the risk group : age, family anamnesis, joint injuries and diseases, obesity, the connection of osteoarthritis with the onset of menopause, athletes are also included in the risk group due to the effects of repeated, heavy physical exertion.

Osteoarthritis manifests itself as a gradual wearing away of cartilage, with the formation of erosions and the development of bone sclerosis under the cartilage. Therapy is aimed at reducing chronic pain and stopping the acute process.

Most often, osteoarthritis is found in the knee and hip joints. Osteoarthritis of the hip joint has more severe manifestations, limping may not manifest itself for a long time, but it may appear after prolonged walking. Stable limp associated with hip pain and leg shortening (due to femoral deformity/wear). Pain is observed in the groin area and in the front of the thigh, and morning stiffness is also observed.

CoxaTrain – an innovation in hip osteoarthritis therapy

The German brand Bauerfeind is known for innovative, high quality and smart design products, which were created to ease movement restrictions caused by various injuries and illnesses.

Bauerfeind, in collaboration with doctors, medical professors, technicians, physiotherapists and product designers, has created a new, innovative product designed to focus on the movement limitations caused by osteoarthritis of the hip joint.

"CoxaTrain allows to reduce pain and at the same time improves the functions of the hip joint and the ability to walk. It is an orthopedic dream", says the inventor of the CoxaTrain, former director of the Saarlouis Orthopedic Hospital, Prof. Heinrich Hess.

The CoxaTrain hip orthosis was created with young OA patients in mind who want to keep moving despite their diagnosis. The orthosis can be easily adjusted to suit your size and needs, it provides a high sense of stability, relieves pain in the waist, pelvis and hip area. With CoxaTrain you will use less painkillers and move more and faster!

Improved quality of life

After just two weeks, OA patients with CoxaTrain enjoy a higher quality of life:

  • 78% longer walks
  • 48% less pain

"The most important innovation of CoxaTrain is the combination of several types of therapy in one product. Our versatile knowledge in osteoarthritis therapy is currently visible in the patients' improved quality of life"

Unlike other hip orthoses available on the market for OA patients, CoxaTrain can be adjusted at two levels: Abduction/adduction (pulling laterally/pulling) and Flexion/extension (bending/straightening).

The Bauerfeind CoxaTrain orthosis is easy to use, pleasant to the skin, breathable and does not require separate tools to adjust it for use.

Advantages and mode of exposure


  • Reduces muscular imbalance
  • Relieves the muscles that perform the movement
  • Frees the pelvic and sacroiliac (sacrum and sacrum) joints
  • Activates muscles


  • Soothes pain in the waist, pelvis and hip area
  • Supports hip movement
  • Provides stability when walking
  • High patient compliance due to the orthosis' light weight and flat, snug design

Putting on:

Learn more about CoxaTrain here.