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How is the new generation GenuTrain designed?

Kā ir veidots jaunās paaudzes GenuTrain?

How is the new generation GenuTrain designed?

New knit with improved fit

The anatomically shaped knit of the new GenuTrain has a relief structure that can be felt and seen as a delicate diamond ornament. The distinctly structured surface increases the support area. In direct contact with the skin, its adhesion is better than on a flat, smooth surface. This improves the position of the GenuTrain while moving. The better the support fits, the higher the comfort of wearing it, as well as the pain-relieving and stabilizing effect.

The hamstring does not cause discomfort and does not limit the function of bending the knee.

The pressure, when the irritations overlap each other, reduces the feeling of local pain on the contact surface. The variable pressure massage during the movements promotes better blood circulation in the tissues, which reduces the resulting pain.

Mechanical irritations on the skin caused by pressure and stretching activate knee proprioceptors. They provide greater controllability of the joint stabilizing muscles and improve gait. At the top, the knitting is different. The wide gaps between the stitches make it softer and more breathable. Bending and stretching more comfortably evens out the heaviest sweating characteristic of this area and helps not to irritate the sensitive area.

    Omega upholstery

    A new Omega pad with pressure pads will relieve sprain pain faster and promote healing processes. The viscoelastic pad performs a massage during movements, transferring pressure from the patella to the surrounding tissues.

    Its shape forms the letter Omega, from which the product also got its name.

    New generations Omega+ Pad Hoffa Another harder component is embedded in the flexible material of the points and meniscus wings. With its help, when the shape of the pad changes during movements, moving massage nodules create punctual irritation.

    This is done in order to make the stimulation more intense and to irritate the areas densely covered with proprioceptors in different ways. The use of sensory key positions in therapeutic intervention increases the positive effects regarding the motor response and thus the joint function.


    "This factor is often underestimated," says GenuTrain inventor Prof. Dr. med Heinrich Hess. "And that's wrong. Hoops are an essential part of the product that ensures its proper support and functioning. The hoops are made of special plastic and the "fatigue" or durability of this material has been specially tested. Hoops withstand an unlimited number of different types of movement, bending and stretching without deforming or damaging them.”

      In addition to the anatomically adapted shape, the side hoops, thanks to their ability to stably tension the fabric, ensure a safe position of the knee support during movements. The new hoops are made of robust, durable plastic with a patented, flexible bending zone that "follows" the wearer 's movements. This allows the support to better maintain contact with the knee joint. It has integrated donning aids at the top and doffing aids at the bottom for easy donning and doffing.

      Mode of action:

      • Activation of the stabilizing muscles of the knee joint, which provides relief and stabilization of the joint;
      • The omega pad surrounds the kneecap in a ring, the lateral wings of the omega pad reach the front part of the meniscus and as a result of variable compression, massaging the meniscus, relieves pain;
      • Stimulating the infrapatellar fat pads (Hoff points) promotes metabolism and the natural healing process, as well as relieves retropatellar pain;
      • Complex motor sensor stimulation improves coordination and sensorimotor function;
      • Increases freedom of movement by massaging tense muscles, tendons and fascia;
      • Accelerates the absorption of edema and excess fluid due to variable compression during movements;
      • Air-permeable active zones, soft comfort zones and anatomically precise knitting ensure high wearing comfort combined with optimal therapeutic effects.

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