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An effective procedure for acne treatment // mesoestetic institute

Efektīva procedūra Acne ārstēšanai // mesoestetic institūts

If you have encountered liver in your life, then you definitely know how unpleasant it is. There is a desire to hide the face, because the fight with the liver is not easy. It is caused by various conditions (changes in the composition of sebum, multiplication of bacteria, increased formation of the stratum corneum, etc.), but the main thing you need to know is that you MUST take care of the liver, otherwise the condition will not improve and there is a possibility of leaving scars on the skin.

This condition is characterized by oily or seborrheic skin with enlarged pores. Often, owners of such skin encounter such unpleasant things as open and closed comedones, papules, pustules and other inflammatory elements.

The cooperation between beautician and client is important in the treatment of acne vulgaris . A beautician does a great job, while home care will ensure a long-lasting result. Read in our blog Acne - how to fight it at home?

Cooperation between beautician and client is important in acne therapy

Effective procedure - reduces chronic inflammation, reduces acne complications

ACNELAN procedure for the face is a comprehensive, effective, comfortable and fast treatment procedure for acne of various degrees of severity at an affordable price. Specific therapeutic agents are used in the procedure, the raw materials of which will act on various inflammatory factors of the sweat and sebaceous gland complexes, reducing chronic inflammation. Reduces acne complications.

Apply for the Acne procedure at the mesoestetic institute

  • procedure at the mesoesthetic institute: Brīvības street 180A, Riga
  • price of the procedure: 50 EUR
  • procedure duration: 60 min

apply: or by calling +371 25761121