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"It's the last moment to take care of the skin affected by cellulite, because summer is almost here," suggests Ieva magazine and recommends the mesoesthetic Bodyshock Local Reducer cream as an effective cosmetic product to prevent cellulite and improve body contours.

The last moment to take care of the skin affected by cellulite, because summer is almost, almost here. There is no special news in the cellulite saga, which means that you will have to make an effort.

The usual company

The development of cellulite is caused by our lifestyle, which we can change. The main trio of culprits are overweight, sedentary work and unhealthy eating habits. The situation is also significantly worsened by the frequent weight walking in the range of three to five kilograms typical of many women, excessive sunbathing, wearing tight and tight clothing, frequent snacking on sweets, smoking, alcohol, meat products that contain hormones, and inappropriate exercise that causes muscle tension . Cellulite manifestations are significantly accelerated by stress, as the hormones catecholamines are released, which contribute to the formation of cellulite.

From the point of view of doctors, cellulite is not just an aesthetic problem, it signals metabolic disorders, water retention in the body, lymph flow and microcirculation disorders, which may cause vein and other diseases in the future.

No sense of disappointment

There is still no miracle recipe that can eliminate cellulite quickly and completely. However, the good news is that it can be significantly reduced, and at any stage it is possible to improve the relief and visual appearance of the skin.

In order not to be disappointed, you should not hope that campaign-style cellulite maintenance cures will give quick and lasting results. Even highly effective salon procedures require an intensive course of at least 10-14 procedures. If you have decided to take care of yourself at home, you can expect visible results after 6-8 weeks.

Take into account that the fight against cellulite requires a complex approach. It includes regular skin care, if necessary - gradual weight loss and age-appropriate physical activity. It is a long-term measure, similar to slimming - only a slow and gradual process gives a lasting effect.

However, there is also bad news: you have to accept that cellulite is like a chameleon - as soon as the fight seems to be over, hormones fluctuate again or the force of gravity activates, and you have to start working again. If cellulite is very pronounced, it is simply necessary to accept that it is impossible to eliminate it completely.


Cellulite develops gradually, better results can be obtained when it has just started to appear. In the last stage, when fibrotic tissue has already formed, which can be felt as hard lumps, and the skin becomes painful, fighting cellulite is very difficult.


Take time for yourself and develop a ritual. Every morning, rub the skin/self-massage for 3-5 minutes with a terry towel, massage glove, sponge or brush, observing the direction upwards, towards the heart. Massage stimulates blood circulation in the skin, proper lymph flow and activates skin functions. Once a week, clean the skin with a scrub to promote a deeper effect of care products. Their active substances cannot fully penetrate the upper layer of the skin if the skin is not well prepared beforehand - warmed and cleansed. Lymph reflux is stimulated by a contrast shower - carefully warm up problem areas with warm water and always finish with cold water. After showering, massage the anti-cellulite/sculpting agent into warm skin, it will help to solve problems and maintain good skin quality.

TRY IT OUT! Anti-cellulite creams with caffeine significantly increase tissue microcirculation. Apply the cream 30-60 minutes before physical exertion, sports or cleaning the house, and it will work much more effectively.

Sauna procedures and beatings, baths with effective additives, wrapping, local application to problem areas, etc., help stimulate the reduction of fat cells. Algae have a universal effect, mud, clay, honey also have an equivalent effect, which noticeably refreshes, moisturizes and mineralizes the skin.

Fat-burning creams with a warming/cooling effect work well for fat pads, especially on the stomach and sides. They contain hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, menthol, capsaicin and other substances that increase/decrease skin temperature, thereby locally improving blood circulation, oxygen supply, promoting tissue metabolism, all natural processes in problem areas go faster. These means usually

contains substances that at the same time tone and strengthen the skin to make it look smoother. Change your lifestyle: eat healthy, drink a lot of water, it will help you get rid of toxins. Move as much as possible, do exercises for legs, hips and buttocks to tone muscles and improve lymph flow. Exercises with squats are very valuable, as well as jogging and swimming, which improve the relief of the back of the legs and gluteal muscles. Regular activities stretch the skin, making it smoother.

ADVICE! Do not worry if after a while you see that you are getting slimmer in the roundest areas, but the skin has relaxed. Go ahead, this means that the fat cells are more empty, but the skin has not yet tightened. Its regeneration cycle is on average 28 days. A product with a firming/modelling effect helps to clean the skin.


If you do not manage to cope on your own or simply do not have the will or patience for it, ask for help from beauty care specialists. The range of professionals includes effective procedures, effective anti-cellulite products and methods. However, you should not think that attending a few procedures will create a perfect figure, smooth skin and you will not have to invest any effort yourself. All procedures reduce the appearance of cellulite - it becomes less visible and the skin becomes smoother. A course of regular procedures gives a better effect, as each subsequent procedure strengthens and complements the result obtained by the previous one. When combined with home skin care and lifestyle adjustments that include a healthy diet and moderate exercise, you can expect significant results.

• The most effective method is a professional massage performed by hand or with the help of various body care devices. The most popular are mechanical lymphatic drainage, or air boots, and manual lymphatic drainage, which promotes lymph return, as well as vacuum massage, vibrotherapy, hydromassage with water pressure, cryomassage with nitrogen. Massage breaks up the structure of compressed fatty tissue, removes cellulite, improves blood circulation in the subcutaneous tissue layer and restores muscle flexibility. To speed up the result, special cosmetics are used in the massage. A good massage also relieves muscle tension, they relax, and the skin is no longer so tight.

• Wrapping the whole body or individual problem areas and modeling masks and other SPA procedures are very pleasant, which improve not only the skin, but also the general condition of the body.

• Mesotherapy is very effective - hyaluronic acid injections that improve skin elasticity and moisturize the skin. To reduce the manifestations of ingrained cellulite, preparations are injected locally that dissolve fat tissue and improve microcirculation, thus making the connective tissue softer and skin irregularities are reduced.

• Radiofrequency/thermase intensively heats up the subcutaneous fatty tissue, improves microcirculation, promotes collagen production in the skin, the skin becomes smoother, firmer, its relief is less pronounced.

• Radio frequency + ultrasound. Focused ultrasound splits the membranes of adipose tissue cells, and the fat contained in them is removed from the body through the liver and kidneys with the help of metabolism. Radio frequency activates their elimination, as a result of which both the volume of fat cells decreases and the elasticity of the skin improves.

• The list of the most effective procedures includes cryolipolysis - exposure to fat cells with cold, laser lipolysis - fat cells are split with a laser beam, as well as various laser procedures that locally improve microcirculation and the quality of connective tissue.

• Apparatus procedures that combine muscle stimulation, lymph drainage, fat splitting and deeper introduction of active substances into the skin can provide a good effect. An ideal solution for those who do not like physical activities.

Choice of cream

The main components of anti-cellulite products can be divided into three large groups depending on their effect. One fights with the fat that is involved in the formation of cellulite, reducing its volume. The others actively improve blood circulation to restore the natural environment of the subcutaneous tissue and smooth the skin. The third ones help to improve the appearance of the skin. Most often, they are combined in one product, they can be found individually in products adapted to specific problems.

READ LABELS! When choosing an anti-cellulite product, pay attention to what exactly it is intended for - removing excess fluid, burning fat or firming/contouring the skin.

In the initial stages, choose products whose substances directly reduce cellulite. For example, with ivy and horse chestnut - they tone blood vessels, reduce swelling, plant collagen promotes the formation of new elastic fibers, caffeine {methylxan-thine), L carnitine stimulates the breakdown of fat, prevents its accumulation, lavender and lemon essential oil tones the skin, sage and sweet orange oil activates microcirculation and cell supply with oxygen, vitamin A or retinol stimulates cell activity. Minerals and trace elements stabilize the balance of water and salts in the skin and improve skin immunity. Exposure and effect also depend on the concentration of active substances. Admitted cellulite will require an intensive treatment.

FYI! The most important thing is the regularity of using the product. If you want to get a visible result, you have to follow a certain course, for example, use the product twice a day. For a good result, one package will not be enough, you will need at least three.

Where did it come from?

Cellulite was given its name by a French doctor to describe the unevenness of the skin, which we call the orange peel effect. He pointed out that this is a normal skin condition, which is most often found in women with distinctly feminine forms. Women with round shapes and wide hips have always attracted men's attention, and cellulite was considered a manifestation of feminine sexiness and motherhood, hidden from prying eyes. This continued until the seventies of the last century, when cellulite dimples on the thighs exposed the short dresses of flower children for all to see. Cellulite was declared an aesthetic problem. Studies show that 85-96% of adult women have more or less pronounced cosmetic cellulite, regardless of slimness, age and wallet thickness. This means - only one in ten women does not have it. Cellulite is more common on the thighs, buttocks and hips, but it can also appear on other parts of the body. This is a very feminine problem caused by the genetically determined body structure and the weakness of the subcutaneous connective tissue structure, which is affected by the fluctuations of female hormones - we cannot change it. In particular, it is observed during premenopause and menopause, when metabolism deteriorates under the influence of depleting estrogens, the condition of the skin and cellulite become more and more visible.

Sleep keeps the skin beautiful

Lie down, let the body recover in sleep. When you are standing up, the gravity of the earth causes all fluids to flow downward. In a horizontal position, the flow of lymph and blood from the legs upwards is easier. If the legs become swollen and swollen, a draining agent is applied overnight.

Consulted by KRISTINE ZABLUDOVSKA, dermatologist at the Laser Medicine Clinic, GUNA HAVENSONE, nutritionist and body aesthetics specialist at the 4th Dimension beauty clinic.

Exercise your muscles - it helps!

• If you have to sit a lot, stand up and move for at least 5 minutes every hour.

• When sitting, walking and standing, you often strain your buttock muscles.

• Walk on tiptoes like a ballerina, treat yourself with ease.

IEVA chooses

MESOESTETIC Bodyshock volume reducing agent with warming effect. Caffeine, gotu kola and L carnitine reduce local accumulation of fat in problem areas of the body, making the skin smooth, elastic and firm.

mesoesthetic Local reducer