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Soles in the fight with corns

Zolītes cīņā ar varžacīm
Did you know that without removing the entire corn kernel, it will grow back with new strength?
Health center 4 Iveta Skadmane-Šumākere, a specialist in therapeutic foot care at the Dermatology Clinic and the Foot Center, talks about such a painful foot disease - corns on the website - and advises what to do if you notice it on your feet or toes.

Sometimes, corns are a source of concern in the (un)health of the feet - it is a protective reaction of the skin to constant irritation, explains Iveta Skadmane-Šumäker, specialist in therapeutic foot care of the Health Center 4 Dermatology Clinic and the Foot Center. At first, a blister may form in one place. If it is ignored, the skin thickens to protect living tissue. A keratin core is gradually formed in the wart, which penetrates deeper and deeper into the tissue. Most often, such formations occur on the little toes and between the fifth and fourth toes, but it is especially difficult to treat corns in the center of the foot, in the place where the toes begin, in the front part of the arch - such deep corns are called nucleation. Chronic corns are most often formed due to deformation of the feet, so they can be perceived as an incentive to visit a podiatrist, who will recommend insoles or sleeves to cushion the irritated areas.

Iveta Skadmane-Schumäker does not recommend treating corns yourself, because without removing the entire keratin core, they will grow back with new strength. It is also possible to injure a nearby blood vessel, causing bleeding. Also, special patches with acid for dissolving corns are not desirable, because they can slip and damage healthy tissue or even cartilage. "The skin on the toes is very thin. When it is injured, it is possible to easily get an infection, up to bursitis or osteomyelitis," warns the specialist. When treating on your own, you must also be sure that the problem is really a corn, and not a wart, which can be treated in a completely different way.