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A responsible employer is worth its weight in gold

Atbildīgs darba devējs ir zelta vērts

Caring for employees is the foundation of any successful employer. Only well-cared-for employees who feel safe and secure in their environment will be grateful and will also carry the positive name of the company.

Therefore, we are very happy for Caparol Latvija, which has pleased its employees with a gift from Bauerfeind - LumboTrain support for stabilizing the muscles of the lumbar spine . When working in a warehouse, the employee is exposed to a greater load on the back muscles. Yes, we know how to lift and carry properly, but we don't always follow it. Likewise, sometimes, when we want to do more, we overestimate our strengths. LumboTrain will not only support your back, but also relieve pain and help relieve tension. In addition, it should be noted that the LumboTrain belt is adjustable for everyone and also provides breathability, which is so important for us to feel good at the end of the working day.

We invite every employer to be aware of the risks that employees face every day. And if there is an opportunity to improve the quality of work, then be active and support employees. We promise - they will thank you!

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