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Elbow pain | Reduce pain discomfort and swelling

Elkoņa sāpes | Mazini sāpju radīto diskomfortu un tūsku

Usually, we pay attention to the elbow joint only if it makes itself felt with pain, swelling, redness and movement disorders. If the joint is injured or hurts due to overuse, the hand is no longer able to perform the tasks intended for it.

Elbow pain is often caused by postoperative irritation, tendinopathy, inflammation of the humerus, as well as arthritis and epicondylitis.


Arthritis of the elbow joint is an inflammatory process in the joint, manifested by pain and limitation of movement. One of the more common types of arthritis affecting the elbow joint is rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis can also be caused by physical work that regularly causes elbow joints to be overloaded and injured.

Non-surgical treatment of arthritis involves resting the painful joint, using pain medication, steroid injections and physical therapy. If such treatment fails to reduce the pain and there are marked movement restrictions in the elbow joint, surgical treatment is required.

Epicondylitis – tennis elbow

Ailment of golfers, tennis players and chefs – pain in the elbow joint. If there was no injury, but the arm cannot be bent at the elbow, it means that the problem arose over a long period of time. So there was some chronic process. Usually, a person comes to the doctor with pain on the outer edge of the elbow joint, this is lateral epicondylitis. It is popularly known as tennis elbow. Or - if the inner edge of the elbow hurts, it is called golfer's elbow, medically - medial epicondylitis.

The epicondyle is a projection of the upper arm bone - a place to which the muscles that bend the palm, flex the forearm, and move the forearm are attached by tendons, and which becomes inflamed from excessive strain. Especially if there are frequent, repetitive movements of the palm, grasping and carrying weight, even if the palm is constantly in the grasping position. Such overloads are for professional tennis players, drivers, hairdressers, computer specialists, conveyor workers, musicians, those who have to work a lot with a screwdriver, hammer or other tools.

For the treatment of epicondylitis, rest, relaxation and the use of painkillers are recommended. Unfortunately, many of us can't afford a prolonged period of rest and go back to work after taking painkillers.

Elbow pain and symptoms require an orthosis. Orthosis with the help of compression reduces pain and relieves tension, the necessary amount of painkillers is significantly reduced.

When the pads in the orthosis are functioning, the compression caused by the support is diverted from the elbow and the surrounding soft tissues, relieving the pain caused by the stretch, reducing the swelling. The stiffest components of the material with friction knots relieve pain and promote healing processes.

It is recommended to wear the orthosis every day, it will reduce the discomfort caused by pain and at the same time reduce swelling. If you feel a load on your elbow in your daily work or feel the slightest discomfort in your elbow, it is recommended to use the orthosis as a preventive measure to avoid elbow injuries.

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