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Your health and well-being package - for every day

Tavas veselības un labsajūtas komplekts - katrai dienai
It seems that everyone knows an anecdote about men and their concern for health. As you know, there is some truth in every joke. Therefore, we have prepared a "Men's Health and Well-Being Kit", which will take preventive care of your well-being and health.

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Don't hide under the hat

More than 50% of men by the age of 50 have varying degrees of androgenic hair loss, often affecting men at an early age. Early treatment of alopecia can successfully delay hair loss or even restore previous hair thickness.

tricology intensive hair loss shampoo

mesoestetic trichology hair loss shampoo delicately cleanses the scalp, it has a pH level compatible with the skin. It fights each of the many factors responsible for male and female androgenic alopecia, inhibiting its development.

The shampoo improves blood circulation in the scalp, thus ensuring a more active supply of nutrients to the hair, stimulating hair growth and moisturizing the hair. It makes the hair very smooth and does not cause scalp irritation or itching.

trichology hair growth intensive lotion

An intensive anti-hair loss lotion with an active rejuvenating effect on the hair follicle. The active ingredients in the lotion combat each of the many factors responsible for male and female androgenic alopecia.

The lotion improves blood circulation in the scalp, thus ensuring a more active supply of nutrients to the hair. Stimulates hair growth and moisturizes hair.

A convincing step

Every step you take affects the health of your body, so it is important what kind of shoes you choose. Attention should be paid to the material of the shoes, the height of the sole, the structure of the insole and the functionality of the shoes. The combination of words " comfort shoes " no longer means unfashionable shoes. Choose shoes created by manufacturers who specialize in the anatomically correct shoe market.

The berkemann brand comfort shoes not only look good, but also provide comfort by maintaining the naturally correct physiological position of the foot, as well as compensate for various foot peculiarities.

Vein congestion and the prevention of venous diseases are relevant for all of us. Long-term work in a sitting or standing position, frequent flights, hikes, leg strain, as well as various harmful factors affecting health affect each of us - including you! If there was once an opinion that compression socks should be worn only in case of health problems, today it is clearly known that they can improve the quality of your daily life also preventively.

Choose Bauerfeind VenoTrain business compression socks

Well-groomed shoes and feet

This topic seems self-explanatory. Take a look at effective products that will help you take care of this issue without worry.

Sweaty feet are a thing of the past

camillen 60 deodorant for feet

Quickly refreshes and disinfects feet. Regular use reduces sweating, prevents itching and burning sensations between the fingers, as well as protects against various fungal infections.
You can also use the product to deodorize shoes.

peclavus deodorant foot cream

The cream delays the occurrence of sweat and unpleasant aroma for a long time. It refreshes, relieves tension and deodorizes. Absorbs very well into the skin.

with respect to the shoes

Two "MUST HAVE" products, in every man's wardrobe. Protective agent for shoes and clothing - will protect against moisture and dirt. Spray - cleaning agent for shoes, easy and convenient to use for all types of materials.


Regular training, running, hiking - all this is necessary for maintaining physical shape, as well as for relaxing the mind and "exposing" negative emotions.

At the moment, when it is not possible to attend training, we are looking for new ways to continue to move actively when and as much as possible. We put running, hiking and training at home or outdoors at the top of the priority list.

For training at home

Redcord Mini Extra training set

The Redcord Mini Extra is possibly the most versatile and lightest piece of training equipment on the market. The gym - always with you! Easy installation, training for the whole body and easy adjustment of equipment according to your level of physical fitness!

Support your body

You must have noticed people playing sports with compression socks and compression sleeves. Compression clothing in sports is necessary to increase the potential activity of muscles, promote faster outflow of lactic acid and unnecessary substances, absorb shocks and improve blood circulation.

Increased blood flow will help improve your performance and reduce muscle fatigue. It will help you and your body to recover faster, so that you can continue training sooner and be able to do more!

View the wide range of compression clothing here

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