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Epigenetics guided anti-aging facial treatment

Epiģenētikas vadīta pretnovecošānās sejas procedūra

Have you heard people say that aging gracefully is hereditary? Or you won't buy good genes? There is truth to be found in these words - our inherited genes are responsible for aging, metabolic processes in the skin, and they are also responsible for how our genes react to external environmental irritation, for example, how our skin reacts to the sun's UV radiation.

What can we conclude from this? Skin aging is affected by both internal and external factors. In medicine, scientists are currently actively engaged in the study of stem cells and epigenetic factors that directly affect our internal processes. Clarifying the description of epigenetics - it is a modern biological science that studies gene activity that is not related to changes in the primary structure of DNA. It is the science of how environmental signals select, modify, and regulate gene activity, and helps explain what controls gene activation from "outside" DNA, or the signals that turn genes "on and off."

"we give the skin raw materials to be itself
would be able to recover optimally, as a result
seeing the anti-age effect"


The bottom line is that we don't have to settle for the genes we've been given . With correct and precise effect products, we can give the skin incentives and raw materials to effectively renew itself . Mesoestetic has created the Age Element procedure based on the science of epigenetics. The unifying elements of the product line of the procedure are maslinic acid, isoquercinic acid and shikimic acid , which functionally assemble the DNA telomeres during the normal communication of signals. Here we can talk about maximum restoration of metabolism as in youth. So we do not reduce the signs of aging, but give the skin raw materials so that it can optimally renew itself, resulting in an anti-aging effect. The skin becomes even, moisturized, skin turgor is restored, tone is evened out. Excellent results are achieved with 5 procedures, not forgetting that it is a caring procedure, not chemical peels or injections.


This procedure can be adapted to any age and is recommended from 25 years of age. It is a unique way to create an individual approach to the client's skin care. The procedure begins with a skin diagnosis: a digitally created 18-question test that examines both the client's daily and skin care habits, in order to calculate the most appropriate professional protocol as a result. The program also offers recommended home care.

  1. In the office, the procedure begins with cleansing the skin with age element cleansing balm , whose gel-like texture turns into oil and, when mixed with water, forms a milky consistency. The product perfectly cleans the skin from decorative cosmetics, it can also be used to remove eye makeup, does not damage the skin's protective barrier.
  2. The skin is then stimulated and exfoliated with age element resurfacing solution . Stimulates skin regeneration and exfoliates the top layer, improving the deeper effect of the next products. The composition contains a mixture of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, mandelic acid and succinic acid in a small concentration.
  3. A mixture recommended by the skin diagnostic system is created. The mixture consists of age element hydrabalance cream in combination with one of the four boosters Hydrabalnce cream acts as a biovector, an active carrier to bring the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. Additionally, it provides skin hydration throughout the day. After application, a lifting massage is performed, which takes place according to a specific protocol.

  • Age element brightening booster – evens out skin tone, makes it shiny, has tyrosinase inhibitory properties. Contains phytic acid, vitamin c, niacinamide.

  • Age element anti-wrinkle booster - moisturizes the skin and reduces the visibility of imperfections, smoothes dynamic lines, reduces the visibility of wrinkles and prevents new ones from forming. Contains chronoprotect complex (antioxidant), hexapeptide.

  • Age element redensifying booster - restores the skin's structure and provides intensive hydration. Restores turgor and elasticity. Suitable for thin, fragile skins. Contains hyaluronic acid, nourishing complex consisting of butter/oil mixture, smartcell complex.
  1. In the final phase, one of two masks is applied: for moisturizing the skin and smoothing wrinkles or for a lifting effect.
  2. After the procedure, you can use the cream at the discretion of the professional or the one recommended by the ID system for home care.

In general, this is an excellent care procedure for people who want to focus intensively on skin care to stimulate skin regeneration processes, but cannot or do not want to do chemical peels or injections.

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