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Sensitive skin is a consequence of today's modern lifestyle

Jutīga āda – mūsdienu modernā dzīvesveida sekas

The problem of sensitive skin is growing more and more in economically developed and industrialized countries. Coincidence? No, a natural result. In addition, it is phenomenal that often people do not even know that they have sensitive skin.

Why can facial skin become sensitive?

Facial skin can become sensitive for various reasons. It can be related to the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, improper skin care, stress, the harmful effects of the environment on the skin, hormonal changes, and it can also be an inherited skin specificity. The many causes explain why it is people living in cities who experience the effects of sensitive skin the most. The modern lifestyle is stressful enough, the environment is polluted and under the influence of the media we try products that are not suitable for us at all.

"Today's lifestyle is enough
stressful, environment – ​​polluted and influenced by the media
we try products that don't suit us at all."

The top layer of the skin is damaged, which is where further problems begin. As a result, the skin is no longer able to synthesize fat, provide moisture, and cell viability is shortened. The skin becomes thinner and instantly reacts to wind, sun, frost, touches with redness, pulling or burning sensations, dryness. Unfortunately, the skin also starts aging processes faster. Its protective barrier is damaged and the quality of life deteriorates. Sensitive skin is a very fragile condition, which, if not prevented, can cause long-term consequences , for example, allergies, dermatoses, inflammatory processes can occur.

How to prevent sensitive skin?

In order to prevent the development of sensitive skin, you need to evaluate your skin care routine. The products must be properly fitted according to the specialist's recommendations.

How to prevent sensitive skin?

On the other hand, if the skin is already sensitive, then you should work on restoring the skin barrier and use products designed specifically for sensitive skin.

Anti-stress mask suitable for very sensitive irritated skin. It contains red algae, aloe vera , saffron flower, which prevents inflammation, increased sensitivity, calendula extract, which strengthens the skin's protective barrier, and chamomile extract, which has healing properties.

43.50 EUR

Melan recovery cream for skin with signs of irritation and redness. Gives the skin an immediate soothing sensation. Red algae extract prevents inflammation, Alpha-bisabolol is a powerful antioxidant that increases the skin's protective capabilities, shea butter restores the hydrolipidic layer, squalene nourishes the skin, restores the skin's protective barrier.

49.70 EUR

Skin balance Facial serum for sensitive skin! The composition includes patented sensicalm and regenerance complexes, made from active plant ingredients that work synergistically to reduce the manifestations of sensitive skin. Prebiotics balance the skin's balance and the antioxidant complex prevents multifaceted free radical irritation to the skin. It contains algae, saffron, chamomile and calendula extract, which soothes the skin and reduces redness. Panthenol and aloe vera , which work together to moisturize and soothe the skin.

67.30 EUR

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