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New from Bauerfeind | Dirk Nowitzki Signature Line

Jaunums no Bauerfeind | Dirk Nowitzki Signature Line



Dirk Nowitzki

New from Bauerfeind - Exclusive collection of basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki's products

The outcome of each game is closely related to your commitment. Your equipment must be such that you can rely on it 100%. Run the court like Dirk Nowitzki: with stamina, passion and basic equipment from Bauerfeind. Choose the support that NBA stars trust - a sports compression sleeve for the arm and sports compression for the knee from the Dirk Novicks collection.

Sports Compression Knee Support | Dirk Nowitzki | knee compression for sports

More Power: As one of the players with the most minutes played in NBA history, Dirk Nowitzki knows the importance of strength and stamina on the court. The sports compression knee support seamlessly covers the knee and fits snugly against the skin. You will better feel every movement of your knee, the risk of injuries will decrease. Joint support that allows full freedom of movement. Muscles work better and you can concentrate on the game!

Sports Compression Sleeve Arm | Dirk Nowitzki | sports compression sleeve

Shooting the basket like Dirk Nowitzki: Nowitzki has made more than 11,000 effective shots in his NBA career. During training, he relies on a sports compression sleeve for his arm.

The compression sleeve supports the shooting arm - more strength and durability on the court. Gentle compression promotes blood circulation, improves muscle function and reduces the risk of injury. So you concentrate on the shot and are always ready to attack!

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