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Special gift sets from mesoestetic

Īpašu dāvanu komplekti no mesoestetic

To please your loved ones, mesoestetic has prepared holiday gift sets at great prices. Each set is thoughtfully designed - dividing the sets by skin type and age category, so that you can easily choose the most suitable gift.

Holiday gift sets - ready to give!

Packed | thoughtfully | profitable

+ Each gift set includes a gift from mesoestetic – an elegant bluetooth speaker!

Buy gift sets here: mesoestetic gift sets

    youth gift set

    15-25 years

    in the set:

    • regeneration active
    • glycolic + E + F ampoules
    • bluetooth speaker

      energy C gift set

      20-30 years

      in the set:

      • energy C intensive cream
      • energy C eye contour
      • proteoglycans ampoules
      • bluetooth speaker

        collagen 360 gift set

        30-40 years

        in the set:

        • collagen 360 intensive cream
        • collagen 360 essence
        • stem Cell nanofiller lip contour
        • bluetooth speaker

          stem cell gift set

          40-55 years

          in the set:

          • stem cell active growth factor
          • stem cell serum restructuractive
          • hydra milk cleanser
          • bluetooth speaker

            radiance DNA gift set

            55+ years

            in the set:

            • radiance DNA night cream
            • radiance DNA eye contour
            • melatonin ampoules
            • bluetooth speaker

              body care gift set

              in the set:

              • bodyshock push-up
              • bodyshock total reducer
              • bluetooth speaker

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