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Using time at home effectively Well-groomed nails and foot skin

Izmantojot laiku mājās lietderīgi |  Kopti nagi un pēdu āda

In our daily routine, our feet are wrapped in shoes most of the day, so finding time to pamper them is especially difficult. At the moment, living at home, we can start every morning with a small foot in the health SPA .

What can we do for foot and nail health at home?

Ingrown nails, calluses and sensitive cuticles

Under the influence of active substances such as bisabolol and glycerin, the hard lateral wall quickly becomes soft, the pressure on the side of the nail plate decreases, and as a result, the pain decreases. This product is suitable for the treatment of severe induration and dry ingrown hairs. Glycerin and bisabolol moisturize, care and soothe the skin around the nails.

Uneven and tired nails

Improves nail structure and prevents them from cracking. Smoothes nail grooves and uneven nail surface. Nails regain flexibility and the ability to resist negative environmental influences. Contains silk proteins.

For cracked, rough and dry skin of the feet

Perfectly moisturizes and softens the skin. Increases the skin's natural defenses and elasticity. The ointment is rich in high-quality carnauba (Brazilian) wax and natural propolis extract. Recommended for the treatment of cracks on the heels.

For rejuvenating the skin of the feet

Thanks to the amount of polyphenols in the composition, the cream is an excellent antioxidant. Skin rejuvenating and caring effect. The high-quality composition of natural pomegranate, rose hip and macadamia nut oils is ideal for the care of stressed skin. Prevents the formation of excessive skin hardening.

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