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Clicks without pain | Uppo Bracelets now also DYNASTY

Klikšķiņi bez sāpēm | Uppo Aproces tagad arī DYNASTY

If nothing on the market helps, you have to do it yourself! This is what Liene Gusta did while studying in the last year of the master's degree at the Design Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts (LMA).

Liene works with computer graphics and spends many hours at the computer every day, which unfortunately led her to face a widespread problem in this profession - pain in the joints of the hands, tingling in the fingers and similar unpleasant sensations. After trying various special computer mice, keyboard pads and wrist bandages, Liene came to the conclusion that none of the products on offer could help her. Since Liene is a product designer herself, she chose to create Uppo - a very simple, but at the same time ingenious solution for supporting the wrist while working.

So what is Uppo and how can it help you?

Uppo is an innovative ergonomic palm rest for those who spend many hours working on a computer every day. This cuff keeps the wrist in its natural position, thus helping the wearer avoid additional pressure on the median nerve, which causes muscle and sensation disorders medically known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome . Interestingly, unlike all traditional mouse/keyboard pads, the Uppo is designed like a bracelet and is worn on the wrist like a watch.

That is why Uppo is specially adapted to make its use comfortable and pleasant:

  • The bracelet supports the wrist continuously, regardless of where and how the hand is placed;
  • the material used fits each user's joint, but does not press nerves and blood vessels;
  • Uppo is very light and soft - the user does not even notice how the whole working day is spent with Uppo.

Now you can also buy Uppo in the DYNASTY store at Brīvības street 180, Riga and in the online store

Learn more about uppo here: UPPO

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