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"what's in the bear's stomach?" memo shoes for children

"kas lācītim vēderā?" memo apavi bērniem

MEMO shoes are unique in that, in addition to the main task of foot protection, they also perform the functions of diagnostics, dynamic control, prevention and treatment. MEMO brand shoes have received a commendable assessment from the Children's Health Center (78/DBC/2008).

Foot protection and proper fixation

Thermoplastic, asymmetric, rigid tomb

Fixation of shoes in the case of different foot widths

Adjustable closure without fixed steps

Anti-shock system

The double midsole, which is made of natural material and covered with foam, absorbs impact.

Possibility of individual choice of soles

Insertable sole system MEMO.

Prevention of flat feet

Special orthopedic heel THOMAS, which strengthens the sole under the middle part of the foot and prevents straightening of the foot

Dynamic diagnostics

The sole performs diagnostic functions.

Flexible sole

The sole has a curve in the right place and on the right axis.

Special comfort

The shoes are completely made of the highest quality natural leather, but the area of ​​the foot joint is additionally incorporated with foam padding.

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