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memo self-diagnostic sole of children's shoes

memo bērnu apavu pašdiagnosticējošā zole

The health condition of the child's feet is indicated by the outer sole of the shoe and its wear during the first 14 days of wearing. The sole of the Memo shoe is divided into six numbered zones. When a child wears shoes, it is easy to see which area wears out the fastest. Based on these indicators, it is possible to find the necessary Memo corrective insole for each child in order to eliminate small imperfections, as well as receive a signal if you urgently need to go to a specialist.

Zone 1

abrasion on this area indicates a healthy foot. In this case, Memo shoes will have a preventive character.

Zone 2

abrasion on this area shows that it is recommended to supplement the shoes with Memo gray insoles and wear them as often as possible. If, even when using the gray insole, the abrasion in zone 2 continues to increase, then it is necessary to change the insole to the orange one and it is advisable to consult a specialist.

Zone 3

abrasion in this area indicates that the Memo orange insole is required and the shoe should be worn continuously. If this abrasion also continues to increase, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Zone 4

abrasion in this part shows that an additional orange insole is required and the shoes must be worn continuously. For safety, it is recommended to consult a specialist.

Zone 5 and 6

if abrasion appears in this area, specialist consultation and supervision is required as soon as possible.

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