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How the useful NEURAC method came about

Kā radusies noderīgā NEURAC metode


The company Redcord is created under the original name TrimMaster, created by Petter, Grete and Tore Planke.

Petter had been struggling with acute back problems for 20 years when he started this company. In consultation with physiotherapists and Dr. At Odd Kogstad, he saw the potential to create a tool that both physical therapists and people at home could use to treat these types of problems. In cooperation with the builder and former athlete Kåre Mosberg, a machine is invented, which with the participation of Tore Planke manages to be patented. Petter Planke is a living example of this therapy working: his back is strong and the pain is history.


TrimMaster's first year on the market has ended successfully. Physiotherapists rave about the possibilities offered by sling therapy and custom slings. The company begins to operate more widely and enters the export market.


The company is changing its name. From now on it will be called Nordisk Terapi and the product itself will be called TerapiMaster. The main goal of the business is to create equipment based on the established therapy method.

For the first time, the effectiveness of TerapiMaster in training at home is being tested.


The TerapiMaster workstation for physiotherapists is presented.


The firsttraining courses for specialists are created, industry specialists are trained and selected, who become the first therapy trainers.


The first program of its kind, TerapiMaster Praxis, is presented, with the help of which it is possible to select, adjust and print personalized training programs.


Systematized Redcord (TerapiMaster) concept SET (Sling Exercise Therapy) receives very good reviews from industry specialists. A therapeutic method is being academically developed.


The first medical studies of the SET concept and therapy method are published, and a new and renewed therapy method is being worked on.


Karl Petter Rødland becomes the CEO of the company.

The SET concept is developed as a separate business concept to ensure its full development.

The first patient (a research participant who had a shoulder injury in early childhood) is treated with the Neurac method under the guidance of specialist Gitle Kirkesol.

Gitle Kirkesola demonstrates the effectiveness of the method and conducts in-depth SET concept courses.

Branches of the company are established in Germany and Sweden.


The sale of Redcord Trainer is launched, the product is designed for home use. The first outlets are sporting goods stores.

The training method is supplemented, it includes full body exercises and an expanded range of exercises.


Neuromuscular reactivation, later neuromuscular activation, is created as a concept. It also defines the techniques combined under the name NEURAC.

The NEURAC method is being developed under the guidance of physiotherapist, manual therapist and head of department Gitle Kirkesol, taking into account his previous experience and work with SET research.

The new method convinces that it can treat back, neck and shoulder pain with immediate effect.


The first Redcord clinic is established, specializing in the treatment of back and neck/shoulder pain using the NEURAC method.


Nordisk Terapi AS changes its name, it is now called Redcord AS. The TerapiMaster product is hereinafter referred to as Redcord. The SET concept is hereinafter referred to as the NEURAC method .

The company successfully exports the product to 20 countries.

Redcord Stimula receives rave reviews. With its help, the NEURAC method is popularized. In several universities, the Neurac method is included in the study program.

The presentation of the Redcord Min i product is in progress.


Eirik Lynghaug becomes the company's executive director.


The company puts forward three new lines of communication: Redcord Medical , Redcord Active and Redcord Sport.

Several studies are published proving the effectiveness of NEURAC methods and Redcord Stimula.


The portfolio of NEURAC method courses is revised and renewed, a new training concept is created.

A study has been initiated to develop and test a treatment structure to see if the rapid effect (response) often achieved with Neurac and Redcord Stimula can provide a basic standardized course of treatment. The research was carried out with the support of the public sector.


Introducing a new and improved version of Redcord Stimula .

A collaboration with the Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo is being initiated to study the documented mechanism of pain relief using the NEURAC method, including the Redcord vibration technique.


Introducing the Redcord AXIS .

Training videos are available as part of each product.

Till today

Developed quality and safety standards.

Redcord has received ISO certification (ISO 9001)

Several new Redcord products are presented: Redcord LITE,New PowerGrip model .

A mobile application is available , where you can easily view a wide range of NEURAC method exercises.