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Redcord Axis - sling training on a new level!

Redcord Axis- slingu treniņi jaunā līmenī!

The Redcord Axis is a revolutionary exercise device that brings a whole new level of suspension exercise.

It introduces rotational movements, creating the potential for a large number of new functional exercises, progressions and variations.

Correct anatomical movements

Redcord Axis gives you more options compared to traditional suspension exercises. By adding rotation, the Redcord Axis further increases the degree of instability, making well-known traditional exercises more difficult.

“This instability must be balanced in a rotational system that requires good motion control. Many of these movements can be very difficult or even impossible to perform in a conventional suspension training system", says physiotherapist and Head of Research and Development at Redcord, Øyvind Pedersen, Head of Research, Redcord AS

Redcord Axis is designed to handle heavy loads with minimal resistance and noise in the system. The rotation occurs through two separate rollers instead of one, which anatomically and technically ensures correct movements.

Universal training equipment

Rotational training is important for physical therapists, personal trainers, and people who want to improve their physical function. This makes the Redcord Axis a versatile training tool.

"In the fitness and sports segment, Axis will be an excellent tool for both simulating sports-specific movements and stimulating optimal movement control control. Personal trainers will be able to instruct clients on a new level of corrective exercise, and physiotherapists will be able to use Axis as a useful tool to ensure equal weight between the healthy and damaged side of the body," says Øyvind Pedersen
Head of research department, Redcord AS

Redcord has already introduced rotation as a subject in both Neurac courses (medical) and active multi-suspension courses where you are introduced to tandem training. As a training tool, the Redcord Axis will appeal to experienced gymnasts or athletes who want to train in an unstable environment.

- Improves physical functions

Redcord's tagline is "Helps every body improve physical function for participation in an active life." Clinical experience and proven expertise have shown how Redcord suspension exercises can improve physical function.

In combination with Redcord Trainer and Redcord Mini, Redcord Axis gives you the opportunity to train the whole body even more efficiently and more diversely.

" The Redcord Axis , with its distinctive features, will help it be one step ahead," says Pedešen.

Redcord Axis - sling training on a new level!

“Rotational movements are an essential part of our daily activities, especially sports activities. The Redcord Axis is a machine that challenges these abilities.

Redcord Axis creates an even wider range of exercises and provides different variations of them. It frees the body in a rotating plane and provides precise rotating movements for the whole body.

Exercises can be adapted to individual movement training and specific needs. With the help of Redcord Axis, actions are performed that stabilize muscle activity and improve their coordination, which is necessary for perfect movement control."
Øyvind Pedersen, Head of Research, Redcord AS

The Redcord Axis provides additional rotational movements, creating the potential for a large number of new functional and progressive exercises and variations that are very important in the field of therapy, as well as in the training of athletes, allowing for increased range of motion.

Advantages of Redcord Axis :

  • Correct anatomical and biomechanical movements
  • A full body workout using just one piece of equipment
  • Wider offer of exercises and their variations
  • Precise rotary movements
  • Sports exercises that can be adapted to any specific movement training
  • Movement recovery training restores specific body functions
  • New challenges with more instability on a rotating plane
  • Ensures equal load between the injured and healthy side

Redcord Axis top quality equipment for professional use.

Redcord Axis is a key component of professional equipment. It includes 5m of rope to attach slings and ties, a Redcord rope lock to easily adjust the height of the ties with one hand, carabiners and ceiling connections, allowing it to be installed on wooden and concrete girders, as well as being attached to Redcord Trainer or Redcord Mini equipment .

The audience of Redcord Trainer users is very wide: physiotherapists who perform Neurac® treatment, active lifestylers, fitness trainers, pilates instructors, professional trainers and athletes.

As a piece of equipment that can be used at home, the Redcord Axis can also be used by people who are focused on improving their athletic performance and taking care of their fitness level. All specialists will appreciate the benefits of Redcord Axis in combination with the existing Redcord offer.