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Vaksācijai mājās

For waxing at home

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1. On the day before waxing and then once a week, a peeling procedure should be performed to free the skin from dead cells, prepare it for waxing and prevent hair growth.

2. Before and after waxing products should be used. Before waxing, the product is needed to degrease the areas to be waxed and clean the skin. On the other hand, after waxing, the product will calm the skin, remove the remaining wax and help prevent hair growth.

3. Wax is applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth, but removed against the direction of hair growth. Before pulling, stretch the skin with the other hand and pull quickly. This will allow you to successfully tear off the paper strip, as well as avoid pain.

4. After waxing, you should not stay in the sun for a long time, go swimming and visit the sauna.

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