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Ja vēlies iegādāties šo produktu, lūdzu, aizpildi šo formu, un kāds no habys komandas sazināsies ar tevi!

Available colors:

01 08 12

15 17 20

21 22 23

25 28 29

30 33 34

35 36 37


Technical data:

Leg construction : wood

Height adjustment in intervals : 62 to 90 cm every 3.2 cm (10 positions)

Length without headrest / with headrest: 180 cm / 210 cm

Width :

60 cm 60 cm70 cm 70 cm

Weight, without accessories: 14.7 kg (if width 60 cm) / 17.7 kg (if width 70 cm)

Size (for folded table): 90x60x18.5 cm (if width 60 cm) / 90x70x18.5 cm (if width 70 cm)

*Dynamic resistance: 4 50kg

**Static resistance : 1400kg

*Dynamic resistance measurements were made with a uniformly distributed dynamic load that simulates the tension that occurs during a classic massage.

**Static resistance measurements were made with a uniformly distributed fixed static resistance load

Available massage and treatment table accessories:

Face rest 1D

Face rest 2D ERGO

Side armrests (2 pieces)

Simply Front Shelf

Standard front shelf

Versatile table extender

Comfort front shelf

Standard Face hole with plug

Comfort Face hole with plug

Paper roll holder

You can choose dark wood:

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