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Derma roller microneedle device

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Tev ir jautājums par produktu? Mēs palidzēsim atrast atbildi! Uzdod jautājumu dermaOXY pārstāvjiem!

The roll consists of 192 sterilized steel microneedles (sterilized with ethylene oxide) and their length is 0.2 mm. The device is used to create microscopically small tubes in the skin that cannot be felt or seen.

Since the length of the needles of the device is 0.2 mm, it is possible to create microchannels in the epidermis, the depth of which does not exceed the mentioned 0.2 mm, and therefore this device can be used by a specialist without medical training.

This is a simple technique based on the skin's own ability to heal itself using its own protective mechanisms. The body perceives a needle prick as a skin injury, thus stimulating the skin's self-renewal capabilities and collagen production to quickly eliminate the "damage".

During the procedure, the same effect is induced, causing the skin to do the same. Increased collagen production increases the skin's thickness and elasticity, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles


Skin treatment with a derma roller does not give results after the first procedure. It should be done regularly, every time before the procedure, in order to get a pronounced and noticeable result. By doing it regularly, the skin becomes smoother and healthier after only 2-3 weeks.

As with everything else, treating your skin with a derma roller will take some getting used to. Processing should be done carefully and without excessive pressure. It's movement and the needles will do the work and the body will take care of the rest.

The skin treatment itself with a derma roller is very simple and takes only 5-10 minutes of the total procedure time.


For perfect skin care at home, the derma roller can be used together with the Intensive serum. Treat the selected skin area with a derma roller as directed on the next page of the user manual, then apply the serum.

Thanks to the many microtubules created by the derma roller, the skin will absorb the serum 100 times more.



Clean the skin of dirt and make-up - use a facial cleanser or a gentle exfoliating agent, such as dermaOXY Exfoliating Scrub Peeling.

NOTE: the procedure is recommended to be performed in the evening, as the skin regenerates during the night.


Skin treatment with a derma roller can be done 2-3 times a week or as needed. For optimal results, move the derma roller gently, pressing it slightly against the skin.

NOTE: The derma roller is for personal use, not to be shared or used by others.

Work one area at a time, for example forehead first, then cheeks, etc. Move the roller back and forth no more than 6 times in each direction and in each zone.

Move the derma roller across the treatment area vertically, horizontally and diagonally as shown in the image above.

Don't forget to raise the roller if you change the processing area / direction.

Be careful when treating the eye area, do not press hard and do not use on the eyelids and lips. For more comfortable treatment of wrinkles and expression lines, slightly stretch the skin with your free hand.


After the procedure, the skin needs additional nutrition, and it is also more sensitive to skin care products. For optimal results, it is recommended to use the dermaOXY intensive serum after the procedure, followed by the night cream.

Let the skin rest for a couple of days between each treatment. To see the results obtained by the derma roller, it is recommended to take "before and after treatment" pictures - for example, take the first picture before the first treatment, the next one after 6 weeks of regular treatment.


  • clean the derma roller after use with warm running water or a disinfectant solution.
  • derma roller is for personal use, not to be shared or used by others.
  • with use for 3-6 months.
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              Derma Roller

              Derma roller microneedle device

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