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DermaOXY Oxygen Treatment Machine | Lease

Ja vēlies izīrēt DermaOXY Oxygen Treatment Machine | Lease šo produktu, lūdzu, aizpildi formu, un kāds no dermaOXY iekārtas komandas sazināsies ar tevi!

Price: 250 Eur / month

How does oxygen therapy work? 

 Oxygen therapy uses oxygen under pressure to penetrate the effective ingredients of the serum into the deepest layer of the skin - the dermis, where they can act and prevent signs of aging. The procedure uses an "Airbrush " nozzle, which, using clean air, under high pressure, penetrates the serum through the upper layer of the skin (epidermis) and deeper into the dermis. The serums used in the procedure contain a wide range of active anti-wrinkle components, such as hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the skin, and retinol, which stimulates cell renewal. 

Oxygen favorable exposure to tissues have got medically proven and is effectively used also in cosmetology . "Derma OXY" oxygen therapy provides flawless interaction With skin , creating intense anti-aging effects , skin moisturizing , enrichment With for active ones substances .  

The purpose of the oxygen procedure: 

  • Stimulate collagen synthesis;  
  • Strengthen elastin fibers and increase skin elasticity;  
  • Active ingredients are transported to the deepest layers of the skin using pure oxygen;  
  • Maintain and restore the moisture level of the skin;  

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DermaOXY Oxygen Treatment Machine | Lease

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