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Lexi | Pink

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Tev ir jautājums par produktu? Mēs palidzēsim atrast atbildi! Uzdod jautājumu berkemann pārstāvjiem!

heel height : 42 mm

elevation : 18 mm

The advantage of the ComfortKnit product is its weight, breathability and compatibility with the skin. At the same time, the upper material, thanks to the knitted seams, allows moisture and heat to escape easily, thus ensuring a particularly comfortable climate for the feet. In addition, the Kira has a washable microfibre replaceable insole and is therefore also particularly suitable for users of orthopedic custom insoles. The visual highlight of this model is the two-tone sole in the look of a sporty sneaker, which captivates with its modern design and with its raised shape at the toes and heels supports the natural movement of the foot, as well as effectively dampens impact energy thanks to its volume and material composition.

COMFORTKNIT line shoes are made from polyamide filaments, or fibers, obtained using the latest and most modern high tec technologies.

These are finely knitted shoes, the construction of which uses several types of knitting and weaving techniques.

The principles of product development are based on scientific research in the field of orthopedics.

  • The shoe material is very light and weighs practically nothing (upper and sole).
  • The material of the shoes is maximally breathable or air permeable, thus preventing the feet from sweating, allowing the shoes to be worn both with socks and without them, ensuring excellent compatibility of the shoe material with the skin of the feet.
  • The shoe material never loses its shape.
  • The shoe material does not fade
  • The shoe material does not tear. It is durable
  • The shoe material is washable and dries very quickly.
  • The material on the upper of the shoe is made of only one thread, so there are no seams on the inside of the shoe, except for one that attaches the tongue of the shoe to the upper part of the shoe.
  • The thread that makes up the upper part of the shoe is 1.6 km long.
  • The 3D effect is achieved by changing the thread technique, creating different motifs - flexible zones and fixed zones - in places where it is necessary. These parts of the shoe provide the feet with proper, full-fledged support, while at the same time not hindering the movement of the foot.
  • The shoe material is universal, so these shoes are suitable for various life situations.
  • These shoes are 100% made in Germany (both upper material and sole). They are manufactured by the Bauerfeind company exclusively for the Berkemann product line.
  • Under the removable insole there is a specific shock-absorbing insole made of soft foam material and a shock-absorbing heel insert for maximum foot comfort, protecting the joints of the feet.

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Berkemann - more than a century of shoemaking excellence and innovation

By choosing Berkemann, you get not only the highest quality comfortable shoes, but also centuries of experience and craftsmanship combined with modern innovation and determination to create products that support the health and well-being of your feet.

Comfort at every step throughout the day with Berkemann

It's a step towards perfect day comfort. With every step, you'll feel how ergonomic design and state-of-the-art technology combine to provide maximum support and ease. Regardless of the day's tasks, Berkemann shoes will help your feet feel relaxed and energized from morning to night.

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Lexi | Pink


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