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MCT injector mesotherapy carboxytherapy device | Lease

Ja vēlies izīrēt MCT injector mesotherapy carboxytherapy device | Lease šo produktu, lūdzu, aizpildi formu, un kāds no Mesoestetic komandas sazināsies ar tevi!

Price: 240 Eur / month

mct injector is a unique injection gun that includes 2 complementary techniques

mesotherapy and carboxytherapy . This convenient, versatile medical device combines the latest technology features (touch-sensitive elements, high-resolution color display, 20-hour battery life, illumination of the treated skin area, micro-massage, portable CO2 cartridges) to guarantee optimal control during therapy.

In combination with mesohyal - the widest range of CE-marked injectable ampoules-, a precise, safe and effective therapeutic effect on various aesthetic imperfections of the face and body is achieved for each patient individually. With completely safe and effective ampoules produced by a Barcelona-based company mesoesthetic pharma group a company.

Maximum ease of use for the doctor

Ambidextrous use (Comfortable for both right and left hand use), light weight, ergonomic design.
All parts are portable (including CO2 cartridges).

Therapy can be programmed in seconds thanks to the touch-sensitive rotating element and high-resolution color display.

Energy source
It works equally - both using a battery (Li-ion) and using electric current from an electricity source (90 V - 240 V).

Compatible with all syringes and needles.
No need for exclusive accessories.

Direct light source on the skin area to be treated.

Medical product with CE marking.

Maximum comfort for the patient

mct injector ensures a painless course of therapy thanks to:
• fast and precise movement of the needle
• without vibration;
• micromassage to improve the diffusion of active substances in the skin


MCT injector
mesoesthetic mesotherapy


Medical therapy

Intradermal administration of active substances with multiple micro-injections for facial aesthetic procedures.
Efficiency is based on:
• physical stimulation
• pharmacological effect
• microdoses

Non-surgical procedure

Medical injection of CO2 into the subcutaneous tissue with a fine needle - a strong vasodilating effect at the level of microcirculation, which promotes lipolysis.
Toxins released during the therapy are removed through the lymphatic system, thus improving skin tone.


mct injector includes 3 different programs for the introduction of active substances with the help of different injection techniques used in mesotherapy.

For intradermal napage or "point by point" injection technique. mct injector automatically adjusts the injection depth and needle movement speed for stable and precise movements.

The program is specifically designed for "point by point" injection technique or intradermal papule technique. Using this program, professionals can adjust the injection depth (1 to 13 mm) and dose (0.01 ml and more) themselves.

An injection program that includes placing implants or fillers. It also allows mesotherapy of the tracer by adjusting the injected amount, speed and depth of retrograde injection.

mct injector a carbon dioxide injection system can be added to the device to make carboxytherapy procedures easier and more comfortable. Carboxytherapy is a co-adjuvant to mesotherapy in the treatment of cellulite and reduction of adipose tissue, and it can also be an excellent additional method for practically all procedures in which it is necessary to improve microcirculation and increase tissue oxygenation (swelling under the eyes, double chin, slow scarring process, vascular disease , etc.).

Total control
Control of injection depth, angle, injection volume. 2 injection methods: Manual (for the face and periocular face area) and automatic (for the rest of the body areas).

Automatic correction
Automatic correction of gas flow based on needle size.

Painless method
Progressive injection with micromassage.

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MCT injector mesotherapy carboxytherapy device | Lease

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