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Microdermabrasion device dermaOXY | Lease

Ja vēlies izīrēt Microdermabrasion device dermaOXY | Lease šo produktu, lūdzu, aizpildi formu, un kāds no dermaOXY iekārtas komandas sazināsies ar tevi!

Price: 80 Eur / month

Diamond peeling / skin grinding: 

Dermabrasion procedure with a diamond peeling machine. 

With the MicrodermaBrasion Diamond peeling treatment, you will gently remove the dead stratum corneum cells that make the skin gray and lifeless. 

The procedure promotes the production of collagen cells and provides firmer, smoother and younger looking skin, as well as improving skin tone. In addition, superficial wrinkles, scars, enlarged pores and pigmentation disorders are reduced during the procedure. 

Microdermabrasion can be performed anywhere on the body, but it is most often performed on the face and neck. 

The procedure is gentle and not painful, comparable to an effective and relaxing massage performed with luxury tools-diamonds. 

Microdermabrasion provides immediate and obvious results , which can be observed already after the first procedure. 

Microdermabrasion effects: 

- Gives the skin a healthier and fresher look; 

- Evens out skin tone and texture; 

- Reduces superficial wrinkles and lines; 

- Reduces pigment disorders; 

- Reduces scars; 

- Reduces pores; 

- Suitable for inflammations and hyperkeratanized skin; 

Additional effects when using the MicrodermaBrasion device: 

During the procedure, the temperature of the apparatus procedure can be changed by applying heat or cold effects: 

Heat effect: The heat effect will open the pores, and creams, ampoules or serums will penetrate the skin better. 

Cold effect: After the procedure, the skin may be a bit irritated and sensitive, so applying the cold effect will calm the skin instantly. 

Ultrasound procedure: 

With the help of ultrasound, a deep muscle and tissue massage is performed using sound waves. This massage improves blood circulation and cell regeneration, and warms muscles and tissues. As a result of the procedure, the muscles are relaxed, the ability to absorb oxygen and nutrients increases, and the formation of collagen fibers increases. Ultrasound can be used both on the face and body areas. 

Ideal before a massage, as the procedure warms up the muscles and tissues. 

Skin Scrub procedure: 

The Skin Scrub procedure is an in-depth cleansing of the skin. During the skin scrub procedure, deep subcutaneous dirt is lifted to the surface of the skin with the effect of electric pulses. 

This procedure is ideal for pore cleansing. 

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Microdermabrasion device dermaOXY | Lease

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